Understanding the Style Puzzle – 9 Keys to Unlocking Your Style

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9 keys to unlocking the style puzzle - printable PDF

There is no one route to style. You cannot become instantly stylish just from understanding your body shape (sorry Trinny and Susannah, it’s just not that simple). There is, what I call, the Style Puzzle, a group of elements when they all go together define your personal style.

These puzzle pieces are just the start too.  You can delve into them and branch out to discover more and more!

First of all consider – What is Style?

1. Personality

To me, the personality element is the most important, it is all about being our authentic selves.  Our uniqueness is to be enjoyed and displayed.  We need to express who we are through everything we wear. It will tell us whether we want to stick to or break our “rules”.

10 Ways Personality is more important than body shape

Creating Harmony with Your Personality

Rules are Made to be Broken

How to be More Creative with Your Wardrobe

How to Develop Your Personal Style

Discover Your Signature Style

The Difference between Signature and Personal Style

S is for Style

Who do You Want to Be?

What Did You Discover About Your Personal Style?

How to Find Necklaces to Suit Your Personality Style

What’s Your Colour Personality

How Your Personality Influences Your Choice of Prints

Interpreting Personality Style


9 keys to unlocking the style puzzle pdf printable download
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  • All of what you say. I have learned so much from you. And one of the primary ways that manifested was to draw clearer boundaries of what I won’t wear. Once I was clear on that, it actually expanded my options, because I could get more adventurous inside my areas of comfort.

  • This is a super post Imogen. There is so much information to delve into. Until recently, I didn’t realize that I have a long rise (but long legs as well) and wondered why pants that fit so well on others were always way down on me, exposing far more of my abdomen than was attractive. I love the style puzzle as well and agree with you that so many factors go into creating an attractive style. You really need to do as an ancient Greek writer said (Epitectus?) “know thyself and adorn it accordingly”.

  • Wow, this is extraordinarily helpful, Imogen.
    I’m a self-taught clothes lover. (California SF Bay Area)
    Only in the past three years have I cared intensely about learning how to dress well/interestingly.
    I used to wear just black pants and white or blue shirts.
    What I LOVE about this posting is it confirms what I suspected — that it isn’t just me — it’s actually difficult to learn to dress well, not easy like many people say, if you’re not born with innate style.
    THANKS TO YOU (and my endless reading/scoping out clothing catalogues and websites, I’m a lot better at it than I used to be).

    And it’s like your title INSIDE OUT suggests — there are parallel emotional changes both driving my interest in clothing and being shaped by that newfound obsession with it.

  • This is a super-post, it’s everything you’d want to go through and bookmark yourself. Having binged on this website the last few days and downloaded the free e-book, my wardrobe has had a good reshuffle and I’ve spent a bit of time adjusting or trying new clothing combos. Thinking about it tonight, I realised the one most important question I had to ask myself about any new combo I’d put together was, would I wear that? That’s that core, personality element of it, I guess. I’ve been in style-crisis for about two years, amazing how you can have a temporary amnesia about what you like, how you like to dress, while you’re trying to find out how it all works so you can have more understanding and control. The signature style posts and videos are really helpful – they force you to think.

  • Imogen, for years after I had you ‘do my colours’ initially, I refused to wear anything black. But I’ve just bought a houndstooth check dress from Verily that is black/grey that I think (even thought it’s a plain dress) is a sign that I am becoming more adventurous and testing teh boundaries. I love reading your blog posts – thank you!

  • wow. this is informative but a bit overwhelming. I don’t even know where I’d begin and even if I begin, I think I’d get stuck in the middle.

    btw, I signed up for the Evolve Your Style Challenge. Hope I can focus on that too

  • Dear Imogen,

    Your post on the style puzzle has so much on the inside that reflects on the outside .
    I loved the way you put fragmented pieces that define personal style from personality to color and how everything put together makes a heart a symbol of self expression.Brilliant !

    Tintu Albin

  • Thank you, Imogene, for this collection of useful articles and your amazing skill in making the “puzzle” easier to decipher for personal application.

  • Day by day you show us that style is a puzzle … with thousands and thousands of tokens.

    Playing can be fun and tiring at the same time. When I’m exhausted or I’ve added a new error to my closet I think I’ll never hear it. However, when I get a look I like, I love myself and I reconciled myself with the puzzle.

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