How a Large Necklace Can Make Your Bust Look Smaller



How to make a large bust look smaller with a necklace

People often comment on my collection of larger scale necklaces and say that they’re ‘my thing’ as I always wear them. But they’ve only become ‘my thing’ since I discovered the power of a large necklace to make my bust look smaller. How does this work?

It’s that old optical illusion – which centre circle looks largest?
The left one of course!
But they’re actually the same size – it’s just the illusion of putting something smaller next to something makes it look larger, and vice-versa.
So by wearing large jewellery, it diminishes the apparent size of my bust. Being a 34G/H – this is something I’m pretty keen to do as I prefer people to talk to my face not my bust.
Here, I’ve made a short video on how to make your large bust look smaller with a necklace to show you the difference.
So you can see, if you have larger facial features or a large bust, larger-scale jewellery can work to make them look smaller, or alternatively if you want to make your bust look larger, wear fine jewellery.
Scale can be a really important part of the style puzzle, particularly if you have a body variation that is outside of the “norm” that you want to either highlight or camouflage.


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  • How clever! I have a small bust, but I don´t like small necklaces. Actually I want to wear something unique, something that will attract positive attention. I do have a pearl necklace with huge pearls ( my only one). I justify my larger choices by proportions. I´m tall and feel comfortable with accessories of larger size.

  • I'd never thought of this, Imogen! I'm a 34D (Ugh!) and I wear smaller necklaces most of the time. I will give my larger ones a whirl. Another intriguing and original post 🙂

  • By coincidence rather than design, I do wear large scale necklaces most of the time (and have a large bust). A very interesting tip, thanks.

  • I can't see the video at work (will check it out later) but I find this interesting. I always stay away from large necklaces because I think they make me look bustier. Is there any instance in which this might happen – or am I delusional??

  • I love this idea- when I was pregnant I started wearing larger jewelery and decided that "more bling, less belly" would be my pregnancy motto. Now I have no excuse but it still holds true.

    Liz, Upstate NY USA

  • Great video to illustate this concept!

    The good news for we busty gals is that there are a LOT of big statement necklaces available right now, in all price ranges.

  • Imogen, as a large buster, I think you have the best, most practical hints on the web. Yet another! Thanks!

  • Metscan – you personality may love larger pieces – and your overall body scale and height will also influence the size of pieces – being tall you will suit larger accessories.

    Rosina – So – you need at least 3 x 3 carat diamonds – nothing smaller!;)

    Sal – Thanks – great praise from you!

    NotSupermum – glad to help!

    K.line – make sure the pieces sit above your bust not on them – long necklaces don't work so well – you want them to sit just underneath your collarbone to have the best effect at drawing attention away!

    Liz – thanks for coming by – love that and will adopt your saying "More Bling Less Belly!"

    Deja – yes – I love that I can pick up lots of pieces often for next to nix!

    Frantic – thanks for commenting and reading – and thanks for the compliment!

    Karen – I think you need your eyesight checked!

  • I think that jewelry like other accessories should be in balance in terms of scale with your body size and shape. I wouldn't wear a tiny little necklace any more than I would carry a tiny handbag.
    Proportion is everything…as far as I'm concerned.

  • Belle – absolutely – proportion is key – and this is just an element – we need to suit our overall scale as well as well as individual parts of our body.

  • Yes! I have a medium-large bust and have gradually increased necklace size. Got rid of a number of bitsy necklaces that just looked lost.

    Bigger pieces can be heavy, though, When trying, do not be mislead by how necklace feels in shop. Some that I bought ended up killing my neck after an hour's wear.

  • I follow your blog daily here from South Africa. You have just the advice that I need. I have a A-shape body and small bust. Maybe large jewellery is good to distract from those hips????

  • That's an excellent piece of advice. I suppose I can reverse the idea as well. Having a smallish bust, can I wear smaller necklaces to make it look slightly bigger? Thanks, Imogen, as usual! Ciao. A.

  • HOLY COW…I'M 38 DDD!!!!! How big would my necklace have to be to make these babies look smaller? By the way, what is the best length necklace for someone busty like me, with a short neck?

  • Imogen I have a large bust (32F), but I'm only 5'1" and small framed – what size necklaces would suit someone like me?

  • That is clever, particularly your demo with the circles.

    I think this is why most of the time I like to have *some* detail near my decolletage: a scarf, necklace, or even something slightly rule-bending like a large neck-tie bow on a blouse or a floral brooch. I feel like visually it draws the eye closer to my face and doesn't leave my chest looking as bare (since I can't wear crew-necks without looking even bustier.)

    I used to mostly wear small delicate necklaces because that's where my taste tended and smaller pieces are often more affordable, but with my stylish jewelry-making aunt's help, I have been gradually gravitating towards chunkier and bolder jewelry selections.

  • Duchesse – I think heavy stones or solid gold in big pieces would be heavy, but the rest of my pieces are light!

    Kirsten – thanks for coming by! I'd go for medium size pieces or larger pieces that are made up of multiple small to medium pieces so that the scale doesn't overwhelm. Keep your lower half plain and darker and your top half lighter and brighter to draw attention up to your gorgeous face!

    Maria – thanks – glad you enjoy the vids!

    Sher – it can work in reverse!

    Antonella – absolutely!

    Anon – will do a post on necklace length – larger pieces will distract – no matter how large your bust!

    Jamtart – go for large pieces made up of multiple medium sized pieces. Make sure they are not solid, that you can see skin through them, otherwise they'll overwhelm your frame.

    Kari – yes – crew necks are not for the larger busted! I used to also wear small pieces – but now with the plethora of great costume pieces available it's easy to upscale and be stylish!

  • P.S. I also love the advice! I'm a 38D (GAH!) and am constantly trying to draw attention away from the bust zone. Great advice!

  • Hi! Thanks. I like it! Love big necklaces! I'd love to look at other necklace shapes in another video. I am not objective with myself. I find seeing it on another person makes it much clearer! I love short big necklaces but dont wear them cause my neck is not long enough. What I see in the video is also that your necklace is big but has certain qualities that gives it lightness: The verticality and the fact that it has an open shape. It allows the eye to "pass". Some big necklaces have big pieces but light structure…Also, it can steel the atention from your eyes if they are smll…Can you tell us more about lengh and shapes? I like the drawings too! Thanks a lot!!

  • I am a 34J but don’t like to wear necklaces and most of the times I break them or likely my toddler would accidentally choke me. I prefer to keep my hair long and carry a large handbag.

  • So interesting and so very true, now that it’s been pointed out! I have a medium larger bust (32DD), but I am in love with the finesse and timelessness of fine jewelry. I have a bunch of dainty, delicate necklaces. Would you suggest I layer them up and wear more than one at a time to create a similar effect? The thought of wearing a big necklace scares the heck out of me – not at all my style.


  • Hi Imogen!
    I’m struggling to accessorise as I have a large bust (30GG) and a small face with delicate features – or so I have been told! I’m tall at 5ft8″ and am a fairly neat 8 frame but feel that my bust dominates everything else! I keep my hair short to draw attention to my face but would love to find out how to bring my pin head in to balance with accessories!

    • Try large scale earrings – maybe a bit more hair too – rather than short hair which makes your head smaller in scale than your bust – not hair down to your bust, but hair to your shoulders.

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