Why Does Personality Matter with Regards to Your Style?

Did you know that your personality impacts greatly on what styles of clothing, kinds of accessories and everything from your makeup and grooming habits to your choices of fabrics.

Understanding what’s your personal style will help you to make much better purchasing decisions when buying clothes and accessories as you will understand why you do like some things and hate others – and how these things actually express your personality traits.

Want more tips before you take the quiz?  Read this post.

Take the Personality Style Quiz

When answering the questions in this quiz, remember that more than one answer may apply.  You are a mix of the 7 personality dressing styles – what we are finding  here is what is your base style.  So select the answer that is most like you, or what you’d go for if you had to choose only one answer (for the rest of your life).

Once you’ve finished the quiz you have the option to download a more comprehensive guide to your base personality style quiz result.

Quiz Not Appearing Here?

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