What Did You Discover about Your Personal Style?


My Style Statement
My Style Statement

This week of the April Style Challenge was all about discovering and defining your personal style.

Now it’s time to make and assessment of what your style is?

It was interesting for me to read all your comments on my post about my style – and it was interesting how often the same words came up, but then also how different words appeared.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my personal style, and was recently challenged to break it down into a two word Style Statement.

Some of the things that I do know about my style are:

  1. Functional – it has to be functional for the occasion, whether I’m speaking in front of a corporate client, working with a personal client or hanging out with my kids.
  2. It also has to be functional in a practical sense for me. So if I’m taking a client shopping I need comfortable shoes, but they also need to look good, I’m not all function over form.
  3. Plus it needs to function in an aesthetic sense for me. I have to like it, find it attractive, and have it make me look good, suit my body shape, proportions, scale, variations and personality. All those elements that go together to make me who I am.
  4. My second style statement word is Individualist (thanks Vix for suggesting that). I like to put my own twist on my outfits, whether it’s my use of statement jewellery or bold colour or creative garment construction, it’s my individual taste.

So that’s me – Functional Individualist.

Have you managed to distill your style statement into a few words or phrase that works for you? Please share! And if you’re still not sure share links to pics and everyone go and help!


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  • If I had to pick two words to sum my style up, it would have to be elegance and harmony. That’s what I aim for anyhow.

  • Practical but pretty. I enjoyed learning new ways to wear my scarves this week! I’m a stay at home mum. I like to wear things that are practical and comfortable for getting things dinner around the house or getting spewed on by babies, but I like for it to be modern and figure flattering. I love leggings, they’re slimming, look good and work with a lot of top halves. They’re also not horribly expensive so babies spewing on them is not a big deal. I love wearing scarves to add colour and style to a simple outfit. Practical but pretty 🙂

  • This proved to be a fascinating week. Imogen, I definitely agree with your “Individualist”. Clearly you have to be practical in what you do so I can see why “Functional” is also a priority for you.

    I have been working through a book called Style Statement and I came up with two words: Harmonious Cosmopolitan. I would love it if people clicked on the link to my blog and looked at my outfit to see if they agree with my final choice! I do think though that style is partly a reflection of who you are and partly who you want to be, which is what I am trying to say in my style statement!

  • Hi Imogen —

    I’m such a sucker for these exercises, so I loved reading through your explanations.

    The shorthand phrase really is so personal, isn’t it? When I first saw “functional” I thought “Ooooh nooooo that may be true but it’s too practical and boring of a word for the striking Ms Imogen.”

    However, when paired with individualist I can see how your interpretation of the former makes such sense for you — while the latter word encompasses the way you put all your bolder prints, unique accessories, and/or colors into play. Science + art coming together….

    Thanks for sharing!

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