How to Work with Your Colour Palette


Imogen: I am so excited you will be talking more about color. Years ago, I was color typed as a vivid summer (light in value and cool). I remember I was very disappointed because I loved all the colors in the winter palette. As I’ve learned more about me, I realize that I enjoy the winter palette because I have a dramatic flare, I don’t care for dramatic styles or prints, but I bring this aspect of my style personality out by wearing bright contrasting colors. Usually black and/or white, with bright turquoise or shocking pink etc. Can you give me an idea of some ways to bring out the best in my coloring (blah cool pastels) and make them pop with drama. Without using other dramatic techniques just with the use of color in my palette?

Here in this short video I show you some quick ways of combining your more subduded colours to create more drama and excitement.


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  • Sherilyn

    I wonder if you were not typed correctly and might instead be a soft summer who should steer toward the deeper colors or a “true summer”). Vivid summer and light don’t seem to go together in my mind. True summer and soft summer deep do.

    I’m no expert and Imogen gives great advice here as usual!

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