Your Ultimate Colour Personality Dressing Style Guide


Have you thought about the colours you prefer to wear?  Whether or not you’ve had a personal colour analysis and have a palette of colours or not, you are likely to find that you are drawn more to some colours than others, even within your palette if you know which is the one that flatters you most.

There are colours you’d never think of wearing, even if they suited you,  and often this choice comes down to the influence of your personality.

Your ultimate colour personality dressing style guide - understanding why you choose to wear the colours you do and what they express about your personality

As you’d be aware if you’ve been reading this blog, you will know that I believe that personality is way more important in choosing clothes that you love, rather than just finding clothes that flatter your body shape, and it impacts upon every clothing and accessory choice you make.

Discover Your Colour Personality

This is why I’ve just completely updated and upgraded my series on how to choose colours based on your personality.  I first wrote it many years ago, but the information holds good, and I’ve added new images and more information to really help you understand more about your colour choices and maybe where they come from.

The first step is to take the simple personality colour quiz here.

Then you can read up about each of the different personality dressing styles and their colour palettes.

Discover the 6 Personality Style’s Colours

Colour Personality – 1. Neutral – Classic

Colour Personality – 2. Natural – Relaxed/Casual

Colour Personality – 3. Bold – Dramatic

Colour Personality – 4. Eclectic – Creative

Colour Personality – 5. Soft – Feminine

Colour Personality – 6. Elegant Chic – Sportive


Finally, you can see how easy it is to interpret different elements of personality styles into one outfit (and in fact how we all do this every day, as I’ve never met anyone who was just a totally Classic dresser!

So often the reason we feel unhappy in our outfits is that we’ve gotten too stuck in just one personality style – and we’re missing out important parts of our personality and expressing them through our outfits.

Your ultimate colour personality dressing style guide - understanding why you choose to wear the colours you do and what they express about your personality

A quick example of interpreting colour personality and personality dressing style elements.  The purple and blue in this are fairly bright (so Dramatic colour personality), but they are in soft fabrics (Feminine) and also comfortable pieces that are looser in fit (Relaxed).  The butterfly bracelet (Betsey Johnson) is Dramatic in scale and colour, but Feminine in its blingy detail.  The multicoloured necklace is also large in scale and brighter bold colours (Dramatic) but made of many smaller elements in a floral pattern with bling centres (Feminine).  My ring is feminine in materials and detail as are my earrings.

Mixing it Up

Often your favourite outfits are a good representation of your different elements of your personality, which is why Step 1 of my 7 Steps to Style program is all about understanding the impact of personality on choices of clothes (most often when we buy “wrong” it’s a personality reason rather than a shape one!).  Plus in the program, you will also find out your ideal colour palette and how to wear it to flatter you.

I’d love for you to share what you discover as you work through this series of blog posts and learn more about your colour personality!


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  • This is so interesting! I wear relaxed, casual colors, but not relaxed, casual styles.

    I’ve bought two dark things recently; a necklace with large agate beads, and a long olive green jacket, and you wouldn’t believe how much time I’ve spent mulling over whether or not they’re TOO dark for me. They’re not that much darker than my hair— so this may tell me something about my color personality. Maybe dark things are more dramatic than I’m used to.

    • Interesting to think about how you layer your style recipe and the different personality dressing styles – maybe dramatic is just not you and makes you feel uncomfortable in some way!

  • Love this post, and especially the explanation of how an outfit can combine colors from one style, but other elements from other styles. I LOVE my Refined palette colors, like turquoise and hot pink, but wear them in a more playful/polished than dramatic style.

    • Thanks Katie – style is like a Vienetta icecream (or an onion) it’s a layered approach – bits from different elements of the personality layered up til you get the complete picture – the complete you.

  • My favorite post about color so far! Thank you for taking the time to write this post and link it to other related ones. Based on color personality, I fit creative with a healthy dose of natural/relaxed. Even though orange is my favorite color and I have high value contrast, medium bright colors and medium value contrast suit my personality more. Now it all makes sense!

    • Thanks TJ – it’s good to know more about how you interpret colours and which parts of your personality influence your choices of the different elements of style!

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