Start Your Style Journey

Suck in a style rut?  Want to wear more of your existing wardrobe?  Need to find a way to have a little style fun each day as you discover more about your style your likes and dislikes?

Evolve Your Style is the perfect starting point on your style journey.  It will take you by the hand and lead you to begin developing improving your personal style by trying small daily style challenges that work with the way your brain works to break old habits and make new ones.

Take this short online fashion program and discover how tiny daily tweaks make a big difference to your style in only a month!

Discover Your Style Fundamentals

No real idea what really works for your unique figure?  Want to get all the facts on how to flatter your figure and your colouring, what your personal contrasts are and how to build a wardrobe around your style preferences, lifestyle and needs?

7 Steps to Style is an online fashion program that involves colour and style consultation. It is ideal for you if want to nail down your body and colouring particulars, discover your style values, learn how to build and effective and stylish wardrobe for your lifestyle and needs, plus get tips to shop like a professional.  It includes 12 months access to the Evolve Your Style program as a bonus too!

7 Steps to Style is the next best thing to having Imogen working with you in your wardrobe to help you understand all your colour and style fundamentals.

By the time you’ve completed this online fashion program you will have developed a personalised style guide that works for your unique body, colouring and personality.

Refine and Upgrade Your Personal Style

Do you want to continue to refine and improve your style?  You may already know what shapes, colours and styles flatter you physically, and now want to increase your style knowledge and further enhance your personal image.

Ignite Your Style Genius is a self-exploration and activity based program with 12 monthly modules focused on a new theme each time.  From colour and contrast, to accessories, wardrobe capsules, heroes, fabric, texture and fit and how to define your Personal Style Guidebook.

Ignite Your Style Genius is an ideal online fashion program to help you delve more deeply into the colour, style and wardrobing concepts and information you’ve learned in 7 Steps to Style (or in an image consultation) with over 10 fun and practical activities each month that will take your style to the next level.


You will develop your own style guide as you work through the activities in each module that will be come your personal fashion guide.

  • Pace and content delivery
  • Style and Colour Activities
  • Define your personality dressing style preferences
  • Your Body and Face Shape Analysis
  • Your Personal Colour Analysis
  • Discover Your Colour and Value Contrasts
  • Building a Wardrobe
  • Your Style Values
  • Your Yin and Yang
  • Explore and refine your personality style
  • Wardrobe capsules
  • Shopping tips
  • Develop your style recipe
  • Activity based
  • Facebook group
  • Program access
  • 31 Daily Style Challenges
  • 12 months access
  • Go at your own pace
  • Lifetime access
  • 12 monthly modules
    Exploration and activity based
  • 13 months with optional lifetime access

Not too sure where to start?

Stuck in a style rut?  Start with Evolve Your Style, it’s the low-cost, easy and fun fashion kick-start you need to make better use of your wardrobe and have fun with your style choices.

Not sure what works for you?  Has your colouring changed over the years or you’re just not sure which colours flatter your complexion?  Has your body shape changed, or you’re just not sure what shapes and styles of clothes to choose?  Have you made lots of shopping mistakes by purchasing clothes that are not-quite-right but you’re not sure why?  Start with 7 Steps to Style to nail down your style guidelines – and it includes Evolve Your Style as a bonus!

Have you spent some time learning about your style, got a colour palette that works and know your figure flattery guidelines?  Want to have more fun with your style and further refine and improve your style knowledge?  Then choose to Ignite Your Style Genius, it’s the online style upgrade programme that will take your style to a whole new level.

Each online fashion program is unique, and helps you develop your style from beginner to advanced.  You will find these online fashion and style programs for women help you define and create your own personal style and personalised style guidelines.