Body Proportions Explained – Small Bust but Long Decolletage


One of my lovely readers asked that I post something to help her – she has a small bust but is proportionally long through her decollete and was wondering what she should wear.

What’s a long decolletage?  Well, it’s a long proportion between the base of your chin and the peak of your bust – it’s long if it’s more than one head length.

How to dress your long decollete

 4 Tips to Flatter a Small Bust and Long Decolletage

1. A Great Foundation –  Get the girls up high – a good supportive bra, even if your bust is small, will make your waist look longer and slimmer and will make your bust look less low.
2. Have a Party –  Fill the space with detail – look for frills round your neck, choose collared shirts or higher necklines rather than open necklines.
3. Accessories are Your Friend – If you’re wearing an open neckline fill the space up with jewellery. Unless you’ve got a dramatic personality, choose a piece that is made up of multiple small pieces rather than one large solid piece.
4. Strap Up – Avoid spaghetti straps, they don’t take up enough space and will make your bust look very low, instead look for a wider strap.
How to dress your long decollete
Not sure of your body proportions and if this may apply to you?  You can figure it out here with my easy guide to measuring your body proportions 

Then you can read my tips on what to wear for the most common proportional variations.

And if you want to discover your body shape – which is different from your body proportions – you can do my free body shape quiz and then download your Body Shape Bible (or if you’d like my professional opinion on any of these matters, you can get that as part of my 7 Steps to Style program.

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  • Thanks Imogen again. This post is also for me. I accept the `rules´in general, but I don´t like shirts with sharp, pointy collars and I don´t like lots of stuff around my neck. I only have a few special pieces, to be worn selectively.

  • This is me. I have a long neck, small bust, long decolletage, and I am drawn to the ruffly tops, necklaces or large statement necklace to fill up space, that also helps balance my hips (pear-shape)
    Thanks for the examples!

  • Hi Imogen. I love your blog and how you really tell us the science behind the style rules. It would be helpful to have a photo of an actual woman with those proportions.

    Thanks for all the information you share.

    Monica Kelly
    [email protected]

  • Hi Imogen.

    I stumbled across your blog when I was looking for info on dressing an hourglass figure…only to discover you've labelled them far more specifically. I'm really enjoying working back through your posts and am learning volumes.

    I'm wondering, since you keep mentioning, about good quality, well fitting bras. I seem to get dud bra-fitters and end up paying $50 each for bras that I KNOW I'm wearing. I'd like to forget it's there and be really comfortable while everything is kept UP.

    Do you have any ideas for good bras and also good fitters…in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne?

  • Karen – not as far as I know – same as ever.

    Metscan – you don't have to wear sharp pointy collars!

    Chris – Will do!

    Kelly – great – you're doing everything right!

    Monica – I'd love to have real women photos – but they're not always easy to come by. Will do when I can.

    Tracy – try who do D cup and above – they are excellent fitters and located in Windsor.

  • Thanks Imogen. I read this post so quickly-as I always read your posts- that after my comment, I saw that this one is especially for those with a long decolletage. Therefore, since I´m the frog-shaped and have a `normal´ neckline, I guess my distaste for shirts with a collar ( unless it is petite or revealing lots of decolletage ), is understandable. You are doing a great job with these posts. So many women are grateful, including me. Thanks once more.

  • I think I might fit into this catergory, how can I tell or measure if my decolletage is long. Once again thank you for a great blog, if I lived anywhere near you I would have been to see you already

  • Hi Imogen!

    Thanks for this site. I’ve just discovered it and really enjoy it.

    I’ve been considering my body shape/proportions, and I think I’m a shape 8 and also fits in this category. I’m about 5’9″ (145 pounds; 37-29-40). My measurements are below. Do you have any tips on how to balance my proportions? I’m assuming we want to shorten my decolletage while lengthening my waist? Thanks so much! Your advice would be most welcome!

    1. Head length: 9″
    2. bottom of chin to nipple: 11″
    3. mid bust to navel: 6″
    4. navel to leg break: 7″
    5. leg break to mid knee: 17.5″
    7. mid knee to foot: 18.5″

  • I’m a figure eight, 5′ 2, long legs short mid body. Have a short neck and short decolletage, in the winter, I pretty much live in v-neck sweaters, I’m smooth textured so they are too. I can’t wear the waterfall cardigans, I’m a C cup but the lapels want to ride on the outside of the girls. I seem to gravitate to shrugs and button up cardigans. Any other suggestions?

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