Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape – Rectangle


Hairstyles rectangle face (500x289)

When you look at a rectangle face it is more than 1.5 times it’s width (and more than 3 noses long) but it has a square jaw and hairline. The sides are fairly straight

Great hairstyles for a rectangle face

You will want to make the face appear a little shorter and more balanced so you can do this by:

  • A fringe (bangs) either full to your eyebrows and straight or side swept
  • Width at the sides of your face, whether it’s layers, waves or curls they both work
  • When you wear your hair in a ponytail, if you don’t have a fringe, leave out some wisps of hair to soften your square jaw
  • Layered hair is your friend as it helps to give longer hair more volume
  • Curly haired rectangles can have longer hair as they naturally have more width with the curls, but keep layers in the cut so your curls have bounce
  • Slightly longer than jaw length bobs with a fringe work well for you
  • Short hair needs a fringe and it needs some softening pieces at the nape of your neck that distract from your jaw, otherwise it can look very masculine

Hairstyles to avoid for a rectangle face

You don’t want to add extra height or length to your face so avoid:

  • Fullness at the crown without volume at the side
  • Long straight hair parted in the middle
  • Avoid excessive length which will just make your face look longer
  • Short hair with volume on the top, none at the sides and no length around the neck


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