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Colour has such a profound impact on our appearance.  It really does.  Because of this impact I’m passionate about colour and you will see me wearing colour more of the time than less.

It can make you look:

  • younger or older
  • brighter or duller
  • more vibrant or more tired

I don’t know about you but I prefer to glow rather than look sallow or pale.  I prefer to look alive and energetic.

Colours that flatter you will have an enlivening effect.  Colours that really aren’t great can actually have a stomach churning effect (for the viewer of you in those colours).

I feel colours to my core.

come alive with colour - discover the profound impact of colour and why you should wear it

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Discover more about the colours that flatter you.

Play with different colours and watch in a mirror just how much the colour changes your appearance.  Place two scarves or tops over each other (in good natural lighting) then whip the top colour away as you stare intently at your face.

  • See how your complexion changes and if your eyes brighten or become dull.  Notice if you want to look at the colour (there is a pull to the colour) or your focus is fully on your face.
  • Look for the colours that seem to make you light up, as if a switch has been turned on and a light inside you is illuminating your complexion.

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Discover Your Colours – Clear or Soft

Discover Your Colours – Can I Be Neutral?

If you want to really know your full range of great colours then consider a colour analysis with a professional colour consultant (image consultant).  I do colour analysis as part of my 7 Steps to Style program which you can find here.

Play with contrast – discover this 3 step process to finding your ideal contrast levels

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7 Steps to Style is the best style program available


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