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  1. I’ve been following your blog for awhile now. It’s fabulous. I’ve definitely figured out that I am an 8 shape but, I’m having trouble with figuring out a casual style. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal with the body of someone who looks best in pencil skirts. I’m tired of looking like a frump however my lifestyle and my job (I work in scrubs) don’t really suit dressing up. Can you help?

  2. Hi, I recently stumbled across your blog when looking to revamp my wardrobe, owing to weight gain. (I was skinny and got away with most things) I think there is a wealth of information and your blog is fabulous.

    Here is my question. How do you a dress a short waisted petite pear shaped person, esp. casual? I am 5’1 with 36-29-39 measurements. Wide hips with a flatish bum. The closest body shape is possibly the skittle, more than pear. No high hips. So not an 8. Almost everything seems to be contradictory. From showing off the waist and high rises (for pears) and wearing empire cuts and low rises (for short waists). Flattering tops are impossible to find. Please help.

    I also went through almost all the comments in related articles, but couldnt find answers. Is there an article I am missing?

    • Hi Lalita – yes there is often contradictory advice because body shape is only one element of the equation. It’s what my mother would have called “swings and roundabouts” as in you have to decide which bits bother you most. Do you want to look longer waisted – the work with the proportional rules (and I often think that proportion can be more important than body shape). I would try a high rise (it’s often more about comfort and fit) but wear your tops over the top rather than tuck – that way you get the best of both worlds.

  3. Hi. I stumbled across your blog and am loving it. I have a question.

    I cover my hair full-time, usually with scarves coordinated to my outfit. Do those change my overall value in terms of color? Do they affect my neutrals?

  4. Hello Imogen,
    I have been following your posts with much interest and would love to do the 7 steps, but first I have a few questions.
    1. What method do you use to ascertain my best colours.
    2. Is it not better to start with a colour analysis so that one would at least know which colours to choose/avoid as you embark upon this journey of discovery
    3. The colour swatch… do you only post the full colour swatch of 50 colours, or the smaller one as well. eg spice, zesty, refined…

    I live in South Africa, so although I would love a personal consultation, this will have to be online 🙁

    • HI Ann,
      I use a two stage process in 7 Steps to Style that has you photographing yourself with colours that I send you for comparison. As I recommend no shopping until you get to Step 7- and also that personality is actually the key to style, this is why I have put personality first. That colour is Step 3 is not important as I would suggest holding off purchasing anything anyway until you have completed all 7 Steps. There is information to learn in all the steps before making buying decisions. As part of the program, you get a purse-friendly card that has a range of colours and neutrals from the 18 palettes. If you choose, you can purchase the larger swatch with individual colours and this investment includes postage plus me selecting your signature colours.



  5. Imogen,

    Your blog has been very helpful to me and has a lot of valuable information, however I still can’t tell if I’m a busty H shape or an 8 shape.

    I wish I could upload a photo here, but my question is: how much smaller does the waist have to be than the hips and bust to be considered “waisted?”

    I drew lines on my photo and I’d say it wasn’t dramatically cinched but it’s not straight either. My hips are also a little wider than my shoulders. Thank you!

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