How to Combine Colours Using the Colour Wheel


Take this opportunity to try some new colour combinations.  Why not try a different combination, particularly if you are normally as Neutral plus a colour kind of dresser!


Combining Colours in your outfit


Monochromatic – shades of the same colour. Many people think this means the exact same colour head to toe, but in fact it doesn’t, it means one colour – as in shades of one colour, so you can have light and dark versions of a colour.


Colour Wheel Colour Combinations

Analogous – 2-3 colours next to each other on the colour wheel.


Imogen Lamport wearing different colour acombinations
I love this tunic by New Zealand Designer Robyn Mathieson and it goes so well with this necklace from Wild Bling

Triadic – draw an equilateral triangle on the colour wheel and put those colours together – Blue, Red and Yellow are an example of this.  If 3 colours are too much at the one time for you, why not try 2 of the 3 colours with a neutral.

Complementary  – colours opposite each other on the colour wheel.  Pink and Green, Orange and Blue, Purple and Yellow are all examples of complementary colours.

How to combine colours

Grey goes with …

Having fun with Red, White and Blue

How to Colour Block


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