How to Figure Out Your Face Shape


People always ask me what their face shape is. Why would you want to know your face shape? Well it helps to find you the most flattering hairstyle and also affects the styles of earrings that suit you.

I’ve made this short video to show you how to figure our your face shape.

Once you know your approximate face shape you can then choose earrings and hairstyles to balance it.


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    • I have to agree with valentine – it is a surprise to me how great you look with your hair back at the ears. Have you ever tried bangs and a ponytail? I like that look on my, but my husband doesn’t, so I rarely wear it.

  • Helllo-I love your blog! I’m wondering if you should judge your face shape at rest or smiling.
    At rest my face is oblong. Smiling, my face goes straight to my jawline, then goes to a point at my chin. So I think that would be long/angular.

  • Like many women, I am a “curly girl” and have recently stopped trying to force my hair to go into straight hairstyles. Please, please, please consider doing a blog with hairstyles according to face shape which follow the “curly girl” philosophy. I am referencing “Curly Girl” by Lorraine Massey. I have searched the web for hairstyles and it is frustrating to say the least. According to her, 65% of women in the U.S. have this kind of hair so I think you would have a wide audience.

    • Bernadette – the concepts are the same for straight or curly hair. It’s about, height, length and width. So if you have a square face, then add height or length, but not so much width, no matter if your hair is straighter or curlier.

  • I’m always baffled by my face. My mom s
    Always sai it was the perfect oval shape, but I’m horrified when I see older photos! I went through a long mide part phase, I have this impulse to cut my bangs when I get bored, which makes my eyes pop! But makes my cheekbones very prominent. The worst was my years of wearing ponytails and my signature bows, which is fine! However shaving off my widows peak, then going through the worst grow out process ever was just foolish… I love my widows peak now. I think my face is like an elongated heart shape. Or between a diamond and a heart. Haircuts makes cry. I spend money getting a haircut that is never quite right so I wear ponytails daily. I have to get glasses from the children’s options and make sure my cheeks don’t move my glasses up when I smile.

  • Hi Imogen!
    In some articles on the blog you mentioned that diamond shaped faces have a long, pointy jaw/chin.
    My chin is not pointy, but I’m wondering whether I’m still a diamond, since my cheekbones are the widest part of my face. So my question is: do diamond faces ALWAYS have long pointy jaws?
    What do you think?
    Should I post a photo of my face?

    • Diamonds have both narrower hairlines and jaws, they sometimes can have a blunted off V shape jaw. It’s not just about the widest point being cheekbones (in fact most face shapes have slightly wider cheekbones than forehead or jaw.

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