It’s my belief that everyone can become more stylish. We all get up and dressed each day and make those choices about what to wear. You deserve to feel and look good in your clothes.

This program is packaged up into 21 activities which include videos and ideas to spur you to improve your outfits and to help you sort your wardrobe and change how you think about your own style.

21 Simple Style Activities to Take Your Style Up a Level

Because you deserve to have style

evolve your style 31 day style challenge that will change your life

Your Style Manifesto Program Includes …

  • 21 Activities in our Member Website
  • Each Activity Includes a Video
  • Inspirational ideas and information that you can put into action

I invested the tiny amount for Your Style Manifesto, and I’ve been blown away by the sheer volume of helpful advice in just the first few activities. I have spent the last few years refining my own style, so I didn’t expect to get so much more information about fine-tuning my image. Thanks for all of the helpful insights. I love learning how to be the best me without trying to fit myself into someone else’s idea of style.  

Rae Bates

At the price of a large coffee, it’s a total bargain!