What Metals Can I Wear?


Denise Richards in Cool and Warm metallics

Notice how in the photos above that Denise Richards looks washed out (so she’s gone and got a serious spray tan, then packed on the makeup with a trowel) in the silver dressed, and that if you do the blink test (shut your eyes, then open them and notice what you see first), that the dress draws attention away from her face, vs in the gold dress on the right she looks much fresher and brighter and her face is what you want to look at.

We mostly wear metals as jewellery, glasses frames and sometimes in shoes, but sometimes when they’re in fashion metallic garments are also something we might think about choosing. ¬† As far as jewellery goes, it’s a small proportion of what you’re wearing, so the metal isn’t as important, but for glasses frames and any metallic garments, the metal colour you choose becomes much more important. ¬†Particularly as metallics are shiny and reflect more onto the skin than matte colours, so can be more draining if you get it wrong.

Choosing metals

If you have cool colouring, you’ll find that silver, pewter and rose gold are your better metallic options.

If you have warm colouring then choose gold, rose gold, copper or bronze.


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  • I have medium fair neutral skin, dark Brazil brown eyes and deepest ashbrown hair (when I leave it natural) Gold is “supposed” to suit me but looks obviously yellow and silver/white gold is a lookalike for alfoil on me. Recently I bought two new watches and the very helpful sales assistant said ew and agreed with me on yellow gold and white gold and I ended up rose gold with a brown face, soft khaki leather with a rose gold face for casual and bronzed earrings. Optometrists always veer me toward brown or plum glasses frames. So how does that work on a cool woman? My skin tone is identical to my Mediterranean partner underneath clothes and on skin that shows, year round. I just don’t get it. I’m meant to be cool but time and again my skin directs me straight to bronze/rose gold and copper hues and warm Amber stones.

    • Warm undertones – Autumn and Spring in a seasonal context, wear gold, copper and bronze, while Cool Undertones – seasonally Summer and Winter are best in silver, white gold and platinum

  • Yes I do prefer brushed metals & rose golds/bronzes. Thank you.
    I don’t know where Brazil brown came from. That was an unexpected iPhone correction. Was meant to be dark brown. Laugh. (Technology eh?)

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