7 Steps to Style System

The 7 Steps to Style System

Get the answers to all your style dilemmas here!

Watch this video to find out how the 7 Steps to Style Program works and what you will recieve

Do you feel like discovering and cultivating your own unique style is simply too difficult?

Live too far away to see me in person or is a one-on-one consultation not in your budget?


You’d be surprised by how empowering, painless and confidence-building it is to unlock your true style potential, when you’ve got my guidance and support.

What you really need is a style system that works across all bodies, colouring and lifestyles.

I’m here to lead you to a more stylish and fabulous you with 7 Steps to Style…

Start your style journey with confidence right away!

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7 Steps to Style Program

Great style is not just an art, it’s also a science

I’ll help you demystify how to develop your personal style, and walk you through the steps you need to take to express your own unique style, your way.

You get immediate access to over 160 pages of workbooks and more than 14 supporting video tutorials that explain everything that I’d do with my one-on-one clients for a fraction of the cost of a personal consultation with me.  

This investment is for life and will repay you over and over even if your body shape changes.

It’s time to become the most stylish version of the authentic you.

7 Steps to Style provides the personal attention from me without the cost of a one-on-one consultation.

This program gives you the foundations, knowledge and empowerment …

… And together we’ll transform that into a fresh, flattering, inspiring and confident style that you will own and love.

This program does not box you into a predetermined style category with rigid rules.  Instead it encourages you to express your individual personality through your style.

Plus you don’t wander through it alone: I’m here to assist you with my professional opinion and experience. And you can choose to also get the guidance, answers and support from our fantastic 7 Steps community.

Is Our 7 Steps to Style System the Right Program for You?

Do you struggle with discovering what truly suits you?

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but often feel you have “nothing to wear”?

Do you want to save money, be more confident in buying clothes that flatter you, look and feel right and express your untapped style?

Great Style
7 steps to style

That’s why I developed this unique and comprehensive program.

If you recognize the importance of valuing your image, and the impact it can have on your self-esteem and success (in work and in life), you’re in the right place.

If you’re ready to feel empowered, express your genuine self, attract more compliments and unlock your potential with a proven approach to style, this is the program for you.

You will achieve all of these things and more.

Your 7 Steps to Style Membership Includes …

  • Monthly interactive webinars plus our 7 Steps Webinar library to watch at your leisure
  • Video tutorials that accompany each step in your style journey
  • Comprehensive illustrated workbooks and colour tools
  • Access to my private 7 Steps Facebook community (optional)
  • Your personal colour analysis by Imogen to discover which of my 18 palettes suits you best
  • Your purse friendly colour swatch card of your colour palette
  • Opportunity to purchase a full colour swatch and have Imogen chose your signature colours.
  • My professional opinion to assist you in discovering what works for you
  • Unlimited lifetime access to all program materials

You’ll also get instant access to these BONUS resources …

Bonus 1

The Finishing Touch

The Finishing Touch

$27USD eBook

Bonus 2


Travelling Light: Learn to Pack

$27USD eBook

Bonus 3


The Art of Packing Light

$10 one hour video

Bonus 4

Evolve Your style with this 31 day life changing style challenge

Evolve Your Style

31 Day Style Challenge
$25 online course membership

7 Steps to Style System Encompasses:

Step 1

Your Personality

It’s the key to unlocking your style. What you do and don’t love and why. Everything from patterns to fabrics to how you accessorise is determined by your personality. You’ll learn how to understand the language of clothes which will lead you to success.

Step 2

Your Body

This step will help you understand why some garments work for you and others will never be right, as you discover what suits your unique shape and features. What you’ll learn in these first two steps alone will save you thousands of dollars, year after year, as you stop buying unsuitable clothing.

Step 3

Your Colours

Come alive with your own unique personal colour analysis and discover which of the 18 Absolute Colour Palettes makes you shine. Every element of how to wear your colours is contained in this step, so you can start creating that brilliant mix-and-match wardrobe you’ve always dreamed of.

Step 4

Your Lifestyle

There is no magic list of clothes that works for everyone. Your life, and how you spend your time, will determine what you need in your closet to look stylish everyday, yet be totally appropriate for the occasions in your everyday life.

Step 5

Your Wardrobe

Let’s get your wardrobe organised and working. You’ll discover what you should keep, alter or release from your wardrobe. You will create an effective shopping list, so that when you hit the stores, you buy only what you really need that will fill wardrobe holes and allow you to create fabulous outfits that you love.

Step 6

Your Style

Putting everything you’ve learned in the preceding steps into place, you’ll create your own formula for your style. Your ability to put together outfits you love and shop for the right clothes will skyrocket.

Step 7

Your Values

Understanding your values can help you discover why you shop in certain ways and will stop you making poor choices when shopping. I want to ensure that the shopping you do is a positive experience, so I’m giving you my insider’s tips to managing sales staff, what to wear when you go shopping and the best time to shop.

What 7 Steppers love about the program

7 Steps to style testimonial
Susan Belenger

Imogen’s brilliant 7 Steps to Style System is far and away the best one out there! So-called style experts with their conflicting “rules” are a dime a dozen but this program  truly speaks to us all.

Michelle Stefani

I was so happy to find 7 Steps to Style but didn’t anticipate how comprehensive it is. It answers so much more than colours and body shape. The whole process is a wonderful journey of discovery… it’s the most exciting journey you will ever take.

Margaret Ng
United States

7 Steps to Style is worth every penny. It’s the best investment on image and appearance I have ever spent. It has saved me not only money and time, and also has been invaluable in improving my self-confidence and style.

Your most frequently asked questions answered …

Q: The program seems expensive and I’ve got a tight budget, how do I know the investment is worth it?

A: Did you spend more than $297 on clothes and accessories in the past year?  How about the past 5 or 10 years?  Do you know how much you’ve spent on clothes that weren’t flattering and that didn’t make you feel great and look fantastic?  According to statistics,  women waste way more than $297 per year on clothing and accessories and this program is here to help you use what you already own better, discover why you love what you love and don’t wear the pieces you’ve already bought and don’t work for you and not make the same mistakes again.  Our members say that the cost of the program is a drop in the ocean compared to what they have wasted in the past.  Educating yourself is never a waste of money and this program promises to save you money for the rest of your life as you stop making the wrong purchasing decisions.

Did you know that according to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis and Labor Statistics, in 2015 the average American woman spent $1818 per year on clothes and doesn’t wear 51% of her wardrobe?   And the average British woman spends £1042 per year and Australian women $1050 and Canadians around the same.  This means most likely you are wasting over $900 per year on the wrong clothes (and that adds up to over $9000 every 10 years).   Your investment of $297 for lifetime access to 7 Steps to Style will save you so much money over the coming years.

Q: I’m busy and don’t have much time, do I have to do the program in a certain amount of time?

A: You have 7 Steps to Style membership for life!  Yes, that’s right.  You never lose access to the materials and we add new materials year on year which you can refer to anytime.  You can work through the program at your own pace, leave it when you’re too busy, then revisit it again whenever you like.

Q: I’m not a Facebook person, so is there any value for me to do 7 Steps to Style?

A: The Facebook group is completely optional and an added benefit, but not something that you need to get enormous value from the program.  We have many members who are not on Facebook who work through the program by themselves with email assistance from Imogen and her team.

Start Your Style Journey With Confidence Today

Yes, I’m ready to transform my style and grab the four bonus products for only $841 $297 USD!

1 payment of


3 payments of

7 Steps to Style is the Most Comprehensive System Available!

We Guarantee You Unlimited Lifetime Access to all Materials.

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