Inside Out Style is written by Imogen Lamport unless otherwise stated where guest posts may arise.  All content is at the discretion of Imogen Lamport.

Reviews and Giveaways

I do accept products and samples to review if I feel that the products are relevant to the overall content of Inside Out Style and that the information would be of interest to my readers.   Should a product not meet my standards I will not review them as I’d rather not be put into a position where I feel I have to write something positive because I’ve received a product to review.  Where a product has been sent to me for review I will mention in the post that it has been sent to me as a free sample to test.

At times I will also review products that I have personally purchased or road tested with no input from the manufacturer.  All review content is at my discretion.

Please contact me if you would like to see if we can work together.


Affiliate Programs and Advertisers
In the interest of full disclosure, I have created affiliate advertising relationships with a number of companies. I will receive a commission from affiliate partners when readers click, buy, or shop their offers.  These companies include  Linkshare, RewardStyle, Amazon, Awin, and Mediavine.


Sponsored Posts

I have a relationship companies who from time to time approach me to write posts for which I’m paid to promote products and services.  I have the opportunity to decline these posts if I so choose, and am paid for my time to write them.  Sponsored posts will always be noted in the post so that you know you are reading content that I have received income for writing.


Thanks for participating

Blogging takes time and effort and I have mouths to feed and a roof to keep over my children’s heads, these forms of income are important to my family and I appreciate when you do choose to click through on an affiliate link and purchase a product or click on an advertisement as it allows me to spend more time blogging for you and creating great content.

If you find my efforts valuable, please interact with the site by clicking, registering and buying affiliate offers here, as this is one of the ways in which I am compensated for my time.

Terms of Use

If you wish to use images or content from my blog please read my Terms of Use which includes copyright information and how you can share content legally.


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