How to Choose Flattering Texture in Fabrics


Textured fabrics can be anything from lace to cable knits, devore velvet to quilted fabrics.What is best to do is match your level of texture, in your hair and skin, to texture in fabrics.How to choose textures to harmonise with your skin and hair

Tips on Choosing Textures

  • So someone with straight smooth hair and fine smooth skin will look best in flat or fabrics that match their personal texture.
  • Someone with curly hair will look best in textured garments like boucle or a velvet devore, which has a curved appearance.
  • Got more controlled but curly or wavy and shiny hair? ¬†Then sequins are perfect for you!
  • Someone with short spiky hair will look best in a tweed or some other sort of straight texture.
Does this make sense?

The controled curl of the model’s hair here works really well with the texture created in the garment by the floral motifs and folds of fabric on this top. Yet the fabric is still smooth which reflects her smooth skin, and the smoothness of her curl.

Too much thick texture (like chunky knits) will make you look chunkier, and are best on the very slim person, whilst fine textured garments work fine on the more curvy body as they don’t add bulk.
If you have textured skin (aka wrinkles) you will look best in a lightly textured garment, rather than one that is smooth and flat. So the older we get, the more textured our fabrics need to become, to match our natural texture. Also, grey hair tends to be more wiry and create more natural texture.


How to match textures to your skin and hair for harmonyRuffles replicate wavy hair and create a beautiful harmony.

Wavy or smooth, choose your texture as it relates to your hair!

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  • This is a great post – akin to “The Triumph of Individual Style ” book.
    So many things to remember when getting dressed!

  • Rebecca: both the texture of fabric plus your personality come into account when we look at things like ruffles. (that’s for another post).

    Mossback meadow: I spent a few days training with Carla Mathis who wrote The Triumph of Individual Style – she is amazing and one the greatest image consultants ever (plus a beautiful person on the inside to boot). Yes I learned a lot from her – and everytime I read that book I get some new insight from it. Thanks for stopping by my blog to share your thoughts.

    Starlight: see, now you know to go for some more texture in your fabrics and your appearance will be more harmonious.

    Nic: thanks for stopping by and commenting. It’s good to start thinking a bit more broadly about these issues (than you’ll ever see on a 1 hour TV show). I look forward to hearing more comments.

  • Imogen, I like both photos of the redhead–The one with less ruffles makes me concentrate more on her FACE though. On the jacket with ruffles photo, I am just looking at the great jacket!

  • Please, Imogen. There are two pictures in this post
    which don’t open. Is it on my computer only,
    or else, would you please correct them?
    They are pics No. 2 and 3.

  • Really interesting and accurate article, thank you Imogen.
    I recently bought a rose pink woollen coat a kind of tweed- original vintage from the 60s with lots of quirky details.
    As a petite it’s too long but the colour and style suit me. What probably doesn’t suit is the texture of the fabric! I can’t wear it unless I wear it with a smooth / soft? scarf next to my face or it could be too that I needed some more colour contrast -my scarf is a burgundy scarf made of velvet roses.


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