The Slimming Effect of Verticals and How to Use Them in Your Outfit


Slimming effect of verticals

Learning to use the illusion of lines in your outfits gives you the opportunity to change how you appear.  There are a few different kinds of lines, horizontals (find out how to use them here), verticals, diagonals and curved lines.  Each has its own effect on your appearance.

Taking outfits photos means trying a few different poses each time.   Just by pushing back my cardigan (and moving the verticals wider) I made my body look wider.  When the lapels of the cardigan just hung down they created a narrower gap, which created a slimmer vertical this elongated my body.

So if you want to use this optical illusion, when you think about garments and outfits, can you:

  • Wear an open jacket, vest or cardigan to add these vertical lines
  • Wear a long rectangular scarf, so the ends hang down your front
  • Wear garments with princess seams or panels
Elongating verticals

If you download your Body Shape Bible (you can do the body shape quiz here then get your free download) you will discover I tell you exactly where to put the verticals (and horizontals to balance) for best effect.

How do you like to create vertical lines with your garments?

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