How to Choose a Necklace


how to choose a necklace

When I wrote about wearing larger scale necklaces to distract from a big bust, I had some comments asking how did I choose the necklace to wear. So to start with today – I will show you a few choices I make and why I do so.  There is a concept called Relate Shapes which you can read about here which is the science behind my choices as explained below.

How to Choose a Necklace

For example, when I’m wearing the jacket below, I’ll choose a necklace like the one pictured as the curved lapel detail looks better with a necklace with curved detail.

You can see if I chose a necklace with angles rather than curves, it doesn’t work as well – see below. The shapes are unrelated.
The star is too sharp for the lapels.
Now when I wear this skirt – I choose this large circle shaped necklace – it mimics the small rivet-circle details in the skirt, and is modern and fits with the deconstructed feel of the skirt.
In winter, when I may not want to wear a lower neckline (which is more flattering for my bust), for example if I’m wearing this boat neck top – I will wear a longer necklace such as the one shown in the picture below.
I make sure to never let these kind of longer necklaces dangle over the end of my bust peak, as it will emphasise the size. Wearing the longer necklace helps to draw attention away from the higher neck of the top, to create almost another neckline.
You may also notice that these necklaces are not solid, but you can see skin or fabric through them, this takes away from them appearing very dominant and dramatic and feeling too big for me – as I’m overall a medium scale person.
As an aside: I was asked about where the necklace in the top picture came from – it was from an artist who sells necklaces at markets on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia! One of the best pieces I’ve ever bought.
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  • Hi I am not sure if you saw my other comments which were quite a bit later than the date when you wrote them. So I will again thank you all the way from South Africa for your extremly helpful advice.I follow your blog daily.
    I want to ask about a long decollate. Where do you take the measurements from, and what type of necklace would you suggest. I am a pearshape.

  • That first necklace is indeed beautiful. I never thought of using a necklace to create a new neckline on a higher cut top. That's genius and makes me happy. I miss wearing boatnecks since my chest exploded in size!

    What do you think of layering a deep v neck top over a turtlenck on a busty figure? Can this work? I would never wear a turtleneck on its own but I wonder if the second neckline would help.

  • Oh, I really like your skirt and the boat-neck top. And the grey, my favorite colors. These clothes look so comfortable to wear and yes, I see your point on the necklaces.

  • Pepprmint – yes you could use a v-neck over a turtleneck in the same way – keep the turtleneck a colour more similar to your skin colour and make the V neck either brighter or darker to draw attention to the faux neckline you've created!

    Metscan – I'm into comfort! But has to have some style as well. That boatneck top is actually about 14 years old!

  • All great jewelry ideas, especially the circular pendant. But I do think that the circle pendant get losts against the shirt that you paired it with. I would wear that circle pendant with a neutral shaded vee neck t-shirt or dress for a minimalist look.

  • Maria – thanks so much

    Belle – its actually a skirt not a shirt – so I wear a top with an open neckline with it!

  • Very helpful! Thanks, Imogen. I'd never thought about relating the shapes of jewelry to clothing style details, but it makes a lot of sense.

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