Colour Masterclass

Discover how the Absolute Colour System works (18 palettes tonal colour system) and determining your ideal value, colour and value contrasts because these have the biggest impact on how you wear colour in your outfits and are the reason many who have had a colour analysis find that some colours just don’t work for them on their own (and then may dismiss the entire palette).

Included in your Colour Masterclass:

90 minute on-demand Colour Masterclass webinar $67 value


  • Understanding the dimensions of colour, and the Absolute Colour System
  • When to reassess your colour palette
  • How to use your colour palette to find your optimal colours
  • Identifying your Ideal Value
  • Value Contrast and how to identify our value contrast
  • Colour Contrat and how to identify your colour contrast
  • Contrast Dominance
  • How changing hair colour will influence Ideal Value, Colour and Value Contrasts
  • How to choose your best neutrals
  • Signature colours

Personality of Colours Webinar Masterclass covers:

  • Understanding the elements of each of the  7 Personality Dressing Styles
  • How to select colours based on your personality style
  • How your personality may influence your contrasts
  • Breaking the colour rules
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Get the most out of your style and know your best colours!