Do you end up taking more cases than you can manage when you go away?

Are you sick of paying for excess baggage?

I know you think you need to pack lots of clothes and accessories so you can dress for any occasion while you are away but you really don’t have to.

Learn how to pack for your next trip so you can easily take your luggage as carry-on and save time and the headache of lost luggage.

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Unless you have the arm strength and muscle coordination of Superman, you’ll find it hard having to carry lots of bags with you when you travel.  And having to transport them with you every time you change location is a nightmare, isn’t it?  How many bags have you already lost in transit?

Let me show you a better way.

With the help of my fantastic 1 hour video presentation called “The Art of Packing Light” and eBook called “Travelling Light” you will soon be travelling with a much lighter load.

I’m an image consultant so I travel a lot.  Over time I have worked out the best pieces to take with me when travelling and which we need to leave behind.  I also pack for my clients and they tell me that their trips are so much better because they’re not hauling heavy suitcases around.

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How can this video and eBook help you?

Well, you can develop the arms of a gorilla or you can change the way you do things.  I have put 20 years of travel experience into this eBook along with 10 years experience in personal style.  I know what I am talking about because I live the kind of life that requires me to travel regularly.

There are other books on the market that talk about packing to travel but only mine combines style and practicality in a way that you can actually use.  And that’s important.

What secrets will I share in “Travelling Light”?

  • How to add accessories to extend your travel wardrobe
  • What to wear on the plane
  • What to take on long-haul flights
  • In-flight carry-on regulations
  • Overcoming Jetlag
  • Choosing the bag
  • Packing method
  • Toiletries and Makeup tips
  • Packing for Men
  • Travelling with Kids

See?  It’s really practical and it’s full of common sense.  You’ll be amazed at what you can do with a few carefully chosen garments and a decent bag.

Plus with “The Art of Packing Light” 1 hour video presentation I will explain it all so that it helps you to pack light for your next trip. I will also show you how you can pack over 30 outfits into your carry-on luggage to help save you time and the headache of lost luggage.

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This bundle saves you more than money!

How much have excess baggage fees cost you lately?

How much money have you lost when your luggage went missing?

It's not only the money....

What about the stress all that luggage brings you?  Luggage has a mind of its own.  Bags fall off; they won’t close or are so heavy that it hurts to pick them up.  Then you have to check them in and at the end of the flight you have to wait forever at the carousel for them all to appear.

On top of that, your back hurts from carrying their weight!

When you finally unpack the bags you find your clothes all creased and you STILL don’t have anything to wear.

How is it that in so many bags there is nothing you want to wear?

For only $17USD (eBook – Travelling Light) you can learn how to travel light.   Not only that, you will learn how to look fabulous with only a few pieces of clothing to choose from.

For an additional $8USD (normally $10USD) you can get the Bundle which includes my 1 hour video presentation called “The Art of Packing Light” which unpacks all the concepts in the Travelling Light eBook!

In the Travelling Light eBook and The Art of Packing Light video you will discover:

  • My formula for success
  • How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe
  • Choosing Colours for your Travel Wardrobe
  • How to Mix Patterns and Colours
  • What to take on a business trip
  • What to take on a holiday, whether a city, country or tropical destination

And much more.

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If you DON’T find out:

How much easier it is to travel light
Which pieces of clothing to pack
The best bags to use
Pack lighter than you ever have before yet still look great on your travels

I will give you your money back!

Here’s what readers say about “Travelling Light”

“The Travelling Light ebook shows you exactly what to include in your travel wardrobe. It is a comprehensive guide for traveling light and includes many pictures showing examples of what to take for different types of travel and different trip lengths. It also includes check lists for the number and types of items to take and many practical tips for both packing and traveling.

I used to think I was pretty good at packing light, but since I’ve been following Imogen’s recommendations I’ve become 100% better at packing!

Jane Liddelow – Style Makeover HQ


I am notorious for all the “stuff” I take when I travel. My poor husband just sighs when he sees me wheeling out the biggest suitcase (expanded to capacity) to go away for a weekend. !

So when I read Imogen’s new book Travelling Light, it was like the light went on. People had said there was an art to packing but no-one ever shared the secrets. What’s more, Imogen’s wonderfully illustrated explanations actually made sense. I now realise the reason why it was all so hard was my desperate need to cover all contingencies. With Imogen’s advice, you still get to control how you look with a minimum of items and maximum creative effect. Plus my wrists and back are sighing with relief! And so is my husband!

Chris Owen, Pink Apple Connections


I just wanted you to know I bought the e-book and think it is the best book on the subject I have seen. I am sure I will recoup the cash I paid by not buying stuff I don’t really need and working with what I already I have. I am away to Spain for two weeks in August and will be applying your rules.

Jane from The Small Fabric of My Life


“Being a big list-maker myself, I was amazed at how thorough Imogen’s ‘Travelling Light’ e-Book is. It covers so much more than you would expect and goes a lot further than packing hints and tips. The colour photos are a brilliant addition – with numerous clothing style and colour selections to help you choose what to take on all manner of trips –be it business or pleasure and in a hot or cold climate. It doesn’t just cover women either, men and children get a guernsey too; together with your own packing list to print out and re-use. Well done Imogen, you have clearly put a lot of work into this and you experience clearly shows.”

Claire McFee Creator Organize Your Life

For only $25USD get to where you’re going without stress and look stylish the whole time you are away. Why wait any longer?

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Wishing you style and success

Imogen Lamport

PS: If you really want the long arms of a gorilla, I won’t stop you.  I won’t even let my 100% money back guarantee on my book stop you.  It’s your choice.