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how to choose a neckline to flatter your face

How to Choose the Perfect Shape Neckline


  I think about relationship between body shape and neckline shape (oval and round versus straight and sharp). Is there any dependence between this two factors? I think, that rounded somatypes need more rounded necklines and straight body shapes need more sharp or straight necklines. But what about body shape with both sharp and curved linen…

Earrings for Your Face Shape – Diamond

Earrings for Your Face Shape – Diamond


earrings for your diamond face shape by imogenl featuring 18k earrings A diamond face shape has a narrow forehead and jaw, with the widest part of the face at the cheekbones.  You will want to balance your jaw with your earrings, and follow the shape of your face. Avoid wide or button earrings instead go…

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why you should accessorize

Accessories are the Icing on Your Sartorial Cake


    In the words of Iris Apfel “I worship at the alter of accessories” Why?  Well they are an incredibly powerful way to change up your outfit without changing clothes.  You don’t need a huge wardrobe. You really can dress an outfit up or down by changing a couple of accessories. Discover how to…

whats my body shape

Style Tips
style rules

Breaking the Petite Style Rules


Just because you’re petite doesn’t mean you can break your style rules.  You just have to do it in a knowledgeable way.  You can read up lots of rules (which are of course just guidelines) here on the blog.  Some of the petite style rules that I find matter the most are: Scale – don’t…

Inside Out Style: What to check before you leave the house so you look stylish and feel confident

Style Checklist Before You Leave the House


  It’s very easy in the chaos and rush of the morning (particularly when you are not only getting yourself ready but also others), to run out the door without actually having finished getting dressed. I know that I’ve: Gone out with the wrong shoes on Not finished applying makeup (kind of a half finished…


Embrace movie - positive body image movement

Embrace Your Body For a Better Life


I’m really excited to be sharing details about a new documentary all about body image. Apparently 90% of women dislike their bodies. They find them lacking. Not good enough. Not right. I have experience this many times when talking to my clients in my image consulting/personal styling business.  Many find it difficult to even look…

Franc Salon Armadale

How to Wash Your Hair Like a Pro


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Recently I was treated to a La Biosthetique scalp consultation (where I discovered that my hair is regularly oily in the right kind of way, and that dandruff is not an issue for me but I do have a sensitive scalp that is irritated by some products so I need…

Look Good Feel Better Makeup brushes

Need Some New Oh So Soft Makeup Brushes?


I’ve seen firsthand for around a decade of volunteering for the charity Look Good Feel Better which supports cancer patients deal with the side effects of their treatments, just what a positive impact a little makeup can do for their confidence and self esteem. In Australia more than 125,000 women, men and teens have participated…


colour and value contrast

The Power of Colour and Value Contrast


Colour and value contrast are two concepts that readers ask me a lot of questions about, and are hot topics in my 7 Steps to Style program (where I give my professional opinion on members colour and value contrasts as part of the program). To demonstrate just how much of a difference wearing the right…


How to Style Jeans

16 Ways to Wear Jeans


Jeans are a staple in so many wardrobes.  In fact I think some people almost exclusively wear jeans (I’ve seen them at weddings … not a good look unless it’s a casual dress code!), but I also often get asked how to make jeans look more than really casual.  So I thought I’d share a…

How to knit the easiest shrug ever

How to Knit the Easiest Shrug Ever


This has got to be the easiest garment to knit – seriously!  Hand knits are right on trend this year and you can pay a fortune buying them, or a few days knitting one like this (I like to knit while watching TV, but nothing complicated so that I can just knit without looking which…

7 outfit colour schemes to steal

7 Outfit Colour Schemes to Steal


There are lots of great colour schemes you can put together in your outfits to create interest and excitement in your outfit. So many people tell me they don’t  know how to mix colours, and really it’s not hard.  There are a few key tips to consider. Mix colours of similar intensity Mix colours of…

Personal Style

Reader Questions

Why Shopping for Clothes Can Make You Want to Scream and what you can do about it

Why Shopping For Clothes Makes You Want to Scream


And 8 Tips To Make Finding the Right Clothes a More Fulfilling and Easier Experience As women, we are often told by the media, TV and movies that we all love shopping. That we could shop for our country, our lives, and love every single minute of it. I know for a fact this is…

shopping tips

How to Have a Successful Shopping Trip


Some women find shopping for clothes and accessories easy.  Others find it frustrating and exhausting.  Yes it’s true.  Not everyone loves to shop.  So this was a topic that was requested for  Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I  to discuss on how have a successful shopping trip. We discovered after shopping together that…

how do you shop -what are you shopping processes and how do they affect your shopping experiences

Want to Know More About How You Shop?


In this video Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I discuss shopping processes and share how ours are quite different from each other.  Understanding how you shop can help you know more about what does and doesn’t work for you and even if you should shop alone or with a like minded friend (check out our…

personal stylist training


Embrace movie - positive body image movement

Embrace Your Body For a Better Life


I’m really excited to be sharing details about a new documentary all about body image. Apparently 90% of women dislike their bodies. They find them lacking. Not good enough. Not right. I have experience this many times when talking to my clients in my image consulting/personal styling business.  Many find it difficult to even look…

Why do you wear: I only wear it at home

But I Only Wear it At Home Clothes


Do you have a bunch of “But I only wear it at home” clothes? Are these clothes that you wouldn’t want to be caught in by friends, colleagues or an ex-lover? Do you sometimes wear them  out of the house? On that quick trip to the supermarket (though you’d hate to see someone you know whilst…

running in middle age

How and Why I Started Running at the Age of 46


Call Me Crazy But I’ve Taken Up Running in my Mid-Late 40s I just participated in the Mother’s Day Classic 8km Fun Run.  In the pouring rain. And I came middle of the pack and I’m happy with that.  I competed last year too and managed to shave about 5  minutes off my time which…

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

Destination Dubai – Discover the Emirati Culture


An inspiring blend of sophisticated luxury, authentic Indian heritage and contemporary style – Taj Dubai is a world-class destination. Experience great Indian hospitality at the shores of modern Arabia. When travelling it’s good to learn a bit about the culture before you go so you have some idea how to fit in (rather than look…

where to shop for fabric in dubai

Shop Like a Local in Dubai


One of the highlights of my trip to Dubai was to spend an afternoon with one of my lovely blog readers Catherine and her friend Simin, and get to see some of the places locals shop, off the tourist trail.  As I’d visited the Souks and Dubai Mall last trip I thought it would be…

where to eat in delicious dubai

Delicious Dubai – Where to Eat in Dubai


Food glorious food!  Dubai is full of so many delicious options for eating out.  We were treated to a range of amazing dining options while in Dubai and I’m going to share with you my favourites. Where to Eat in Dubai Breakfast at The Sum of Us For a delicious breakfast or brunch, The Sum…

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The Dressmaker_Kate Winslet_Myrtle 'Tilly' Dunnage football

The Dressmaker Movie Costume Exhibition


A friend of mine told me last year that she’d spent some time playing Kate Winslet’s body double in a movie called The Dressmaker (not the naked kind, the clothed kind of body double).  From what she told me and watching the movie trailer I knew that I had to see it.  As soon as…


Win a White Hot Jewellery $100 Gift Card


I love jewellery. I’m sure that you’ve noticed this about me. It’s very rare to see me without any sort of jewellery on as I really do feel that it can help to make an outfit. It really is the icing on your sartorial cake. I’ve written countless posts about how to wear jewellery including:…

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13 Most Popular Posts of 2015 on Inside Out Style


Recently I’ve been sharing some of my readers favourite blog posts, the ones they have found have really shaped their styles (Katie, Carol, Corey, Ruth, Kaira, Celine’s favourites) and it got me wondering what were the most read posts of 2015 by all my lovely blog readers?  So I delved into my Google Analytics to discover…