Ep318: Finding Your New Signature Style

Question: for the last 20 years (since retirement) I have attended a theatrical production several times a week and i wore long flowing dresses, hat and heels. now due to age and tripping, I am restricted to runners and pants. I’m very petite with long torso, a bit of a belly, and very short legs. What suggestions do you have for generating a new ‘signature style’

Ep 314: Stuck on the style rules?

Are you stuck on style rules? don’t believe in rules, I believe in principles and the science behind why something does or doesn’t work, and these are then guidelines or suggestions which you can try on for size, and then decide what does or doesn’t work for you.
You get to be in charge as it means your style aligns with your personality, your lifestyle, your colouring and your unique body.

310: Your colour questions answered about Cancer, a Mastectomy and Weight Gain, Body Changes That Make Shopping Hard and the Mum Style Rut and Plus Size Pear and Adding White

Right now I’m struggling with my style I’m having chemo and then breast surgery- so thin and straw-like hair, weight gain from chemo and a future flat chest are taking over my style at present and I lack energy – any tips?
Biggest challenge is finding clothes I a) like in shops that b) suit my age and figure. Clothes are either super skimpy or loose-fitting which only makes me look bigger than I am.
Wearing a scarf simply adds bulk to my profile. Aside from waistcoats and jackets, is there any thing else I can do to reintroduce a little white?

308: Your colour questions answered about body shape change, menopause, and what fits and flatters my body.

When does your body shape change from one to another? What’s the turning point from an 8 shape to H shape?
I have recently gained some menopausal weight. Since I have always been very skinny, this is a challenge for me because I now have lost my style and do not know how to dress anymore.
I just don’t know how to transfer my style into something that fits and flatters my body.