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We live in a coloured world, and studies have shown that we remember a ‘coloured experience’ (vs a netural or black and white one) 70% more.  So how can you bring a little more colour into your world (get out of all that black) and communicate more effectively?

Colours have been shown to have different effects on us.  For example, red raises your blood pressure.  Blue makes you feel calm, safe and secure.  When you’re cho0sing a colour to wear, why not consider what its effect may be on those around you (and even yourself).

  • Red: excites, creates passion, makes you feel warmer,  too much can make people aggressive
  • Orange: Social, warmth, happy, friendly, aids communication
  • Light Pink: feminine, soft, nurturing
  • Fuchsia: Dynamic, vibrant, exciting, bold
  • Burgundy: strong, powerful, seductive
  • Brown: steady, reliable, non-judgmental, solid, people open up more easily when you’re wearing brown
  • Gold: prestige, wealth, flamboyant
  • Yellow: optimistic, sunny, happy, fun, vibrant
  • Apple Green: growth, abundance, fresh, new, exciting
  • Forest Green: Reassuring
  • Olive Green: Peace
  • Light Blue: Friendly, approachable, safe
  • Navy: Knowledge, security, authority, power, serious, trustworthy
  • Lavender: soft, nostalgic
  • Purple: Creative, new age, imagination
  • Black: Power, intimidation, death, evil, mystery, authority
  • White: Innocence, purity, cleanliness, hygiene, in small quantities: business, in large quantities: vacation/summer

What are you favourite colours?  How do they make you feel?  Tell me what you love in the comments.

And don’t forget you can vote in the poll about the colours you currently wear most often (which may not be the colours you love!).


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  • Thank you Imogen for this important post!

    I try to wear colour every day, but often wear it with silver. I can certainly detect a change in people’s reaction from day to day depending on the colours I wear.

    Do you have any idea what effect silver has? Is it maybe the same as gold only in a lighter version?

  • This post is so interesting! I definitely believe in the power of color. I recently went through a color analysis course that integrated personality traits. It turns out that I am a soft, subtle type and should wear muted colors. Reading the descriptions above, the colors listed that fall into my palette (such as lavender, olive green, and brown) also reflect personality traits similar to mine. I guess it all works together! Before my course, I loved wearing bright colors because they made me feel happy. Now, I find that I enjoy wearing the muted colors more because thay seem to fit my easy-going, peaceful personality. Looking back, I think I was wearing the bright colors and trying to be that bright, animated personality, which I am most certainly not.

  • I have always admired people who stick to one colour scheme, or even just wear one colour – this often seem to reflect a focused mind and determination that I myself lack, and my wardrobe shows it! It´s a heck of a mix of stuff that doesn´t go together in the least (, and of course, I don´t wear that single green shirt very often, nor that brown one…) and I think colour is the one element that I´m most in conflict with, regarding clothing. But it reflects my personality, I am a dabbler in many things, I´m a person who knows little about everything.

    I often wonder if I should, as an experiment, wear only one colour, say blue, for a year, and see if my life changes in any significant way. Perhaps I should blog about it…

  • The colours I wear most are brown, yellow, turquoise and grass green. If I wear other colours: grey, coral, blue. I’m a Spring and felt relieved to let go of black, my new and all warm colours feel allowing and welcoming. I’ve been particularly fascinated by how grounded and at ease I feel in my brown colours. Turquoise is the other of my two “neutrals” and I noticed it’s not on the list… what does it say about the wearer? Is the message from a dark turquoise different than from a light? I don’t feel anything particular when wearing turquoise, the dark variety is more like the baseline or starting point for my personality; completely neutral. Coral isn’t mentioned in the list either, but maybe it’s a mix between red and orange? Come to think of it, I only wear coral in the summer and as lipstick.

    Grass green is what I use for accents whenever I can (pretty much every day), sometimes I think of it as my happy colour… I feel happy when I see it 🙂 Blue is a dramatic colour on me and my other accent colour, it’s very good when I want to bring edge to an outfit (my “step it up” colour), it contrasts nicely with brown and is sharper than grass green.

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