Which are the Best Proportions to Flatter Your Proportions


Which are the best proportions to flatter you

  1. Do you need shorter or longer hemlines on your skirts and dress, jackets, tops and sleeves?
  2. Are you better in shorter or longer necklaces?
  3. Discover the easy way to figure out whether you’re better in shorter or longer lengths.
  4. Which is the best shoe vamp for you?

Which are the best proportions to flatter your proportions?

Shorter Legs

  • Shorter skirts
  • Shorter tops and jackets
  • Shorter sleeves
  • Shorter necklaces
  • Low vamp shoes

Longer Legs

  • Longer skirts
  • Longer jackets and tops
  • Longer sleeves
  • Longer necklaces
  • High vamp shoes


Discover more on body proportions and how to measure yours here.

How to find your ideal hem length

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  • Hi Imogen. What would you recommend for very disproportionate proportions like me?!

    I am short (5′) and VERY busty (36JJ). Very short rise (9.5″ is the max I can take before the waistband digs in to my upper stomach). I did the string measurements like in the video and I have shorter legs. However, my boobs seem to take up so much real estate on my upper body that the rules above seem to make me look even more disproportionate. I’m also V shaped.

    I feel like there’s nothing to make me look more normal. Sometimes all one color works but that can get boring. Dresses are a nightmare to fit so I don’t bother with them.

    Thank you, Imogen, for any advice you can offer.

    • Look for shapes that balance your upper body – so flared skirts rather than pencil. Make sure proportionately that nothing is too long – think about skirts ending around the knee, tops and jackets at the hip bone. Read up my tips on how to flatter a large bust (just type in large bust into the search bar) as there are lots of tips here on doing that. Yes large breasts will make your torso appear shorter. So in the end you actually probably look more balanced, just in a shorter package!

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