How to Add a Touch of Glamour to Your Everyday Casual Outfits


Hi Imogen!
I’ve learned much from your blog and in particular, the levels of refinement was helpful.
I’ve had a life adjustment and I live my life in durable/washable pants. I’m wondering about adding glamour in level 2, even with jeans as my base.
How would you add glamour and beauty when you are barely in level 2 refinement?

Here are my clothing rules:
Sturdy Awareness.
I like streamlining and routines. No nonsense. I’m a planner and analytical. I’m sturdy, unflinching, slow and tidy. I pay attention to details. I want to know how the story will end. I am opposed to over-indulgence. I’m interested in the mystery. I hide behind sunglasses. I could be a spy. Watchful, aware and wary. I want my clothes to be dapper, naturally polished.

My guidelines/daily questions:
1. H E R O
2. Core
3. Topper Color
4. Match earrings and purse
5. Brown Shoes

Look and Feel: Clean,open spaces,tidy,organized,Tommy Hilfiger mom

No: white backgrounds Yes: solids
No: horizontal line. Yes: Column
No: oversize Yes: skimming
No: Sleeveless Yes: Sleeves
No: bulk on top Yes: Light-weight
No: Belly detail Yes: shoulders and eyes

Purchases Beware
Watch out for too MUCH texture! (add jacket as I age)
Watch the length of the top. Dress in thirds.
Think Refinement #2, not 1 and not 3.

THE SOPHISTICATE. Your look is naturally polished: centred around earthy tones of chocolate, taupe and tan. You are prepared for anything.


Adding glamour to everyday outfits

Thanks for your fascinating assessment of your style.  To add some extra glamour to your Level 2 Refinement outfits think about accessories and fabrics.

1. Add some shine

  • rather than a matte bead, one that shines in the light.
  • rather than a wool scarf, one with sheen such as silk
  • rather than matte leather, a touch of patent instead

2.  Fabrics can make a difference.

  • fine merino wools and jersey over thicker, chunkier or lower quality wools and knits.

3. Consider your shoes

  • leather over fabric
  • slim soles over chunkier soles
  • heels over flats



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  • I’m totally in awe about how Theresa has broken down her style into guidelines and elements. Wow, well done. I wish I was as sure about what I want to look like.

  • Now that is great advice with excellent examples – it’s the style zone where I live. And sometimes I wonder why a sparkling piece of jewellery is just too much and I need something matte and vice versa. Ditto on the silk accessories. Great, great, great!

  • Question for the OP or Imogen: What is H E R O? As shown under OP’s daily guidelines. Not sure if it’s an acronym I don’t know or if she means wardrobe heroes. Thanks!

  • Thanks again Imogen for answering my question and your suggestions. Level 2…here I come.
    HERO is not an acronym. I used capitals because I tend to wear boring clothes and need to remember how important it is to wear a standout piece everyday.

  • Could you do a post on different ways to style a cascading knit jacket/ cardigan (no buttons)? For example, whether/when/how to belt, etc?

    I’m an hourglass-shape (with thickening waist), petite, slightly shorter torso than legs, D-cup that I don’t want to emphasize, INFJ relaxed style.

    Thank you!

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