More on How to Find Your Signature Colours


Following on from our video a couple of weeks back on finding your signature colours, I was asked to share some photos of other people and their signature colours.

Signature Colours

Finding Your Signature Colours

  1. Lip colours – what are the colours most closely related to your lips?
  2. Natural blush colours – which colours bring out your natural blush (not your high colour or floridness)?
  3. Skin colours – which colours are found in your skin? ┬áIt may be pink, orange, red, yellow, purple tones – or others!
  4. Eye colours – which colours are found in your eyes or make them look more intense and rich?
  5. Hair colours – which colours replicate your eyebrows and hair?

These are just some of your signature colours and are great colours to wear.

  • Skin, blush and lip colours make you look healthy and work well in tops, makeup and also work great in glasses frames.
  • Eye colours are fabulous for tops, jackets, earrings and necklaces.
  • Hair colours are brilliant for shoes, bags, belts and coats.


Have you started discovering your signature colours?


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  • What a lovely post. My signature colours (I think) are exactly the same as the first lady’s, but my hair is not as dark and my eyes are a mixture of green grey and blue. Another great thing with light-coloured eyes is that different colours can make them look different. Turquoise or green make my eye colour look different. My boyfriend has summer-sky light blue eyes (not even a mixture) and still if he wears a green T-shirt his eyes will still pop and are lovely, just as much as in a shirt that is the same shade as his beautiful eyes in effect are.

    • Susies – I have blue eyes – but when I wear teals and greens they look more teal or green – so you’re right how they can easily change depending on what you’re wearing.

  • This subject has been really interesting and new to me. I’ve often thought as my eye color as “non-descript” or almost grey, but after your talking about signature colors, I took a closer look through a magnified mirror and was surprised by the amount of green tones I saw. That may explain why I’ve always felt greens were great on me, though I always chalked it up to it working so well with the red tones in my hair. Thanks for another great topic.

    • Julie – there are so many colours that can be reflected in our eyes – I do find that the lighter shades of eyes will have more signature colours than the dark ones – from blues to greens to greys.

  • Dear Imogen,
    I love your blog, it changed my life! And I talk alot about what you write at home.. So this one is for my hubby – could you please ‘translate’ this ideas to mans shirts, ties and suits?
    xxx, Urska

  • Hi,
    I just found your blog, and am fascinated!
    I would love to find a “colour palette” like you use, when showing/describing signature colours.
    I think once I match up my signature colour, it would be easier to have the colour chips (much like paint chips!!) to have with me, to help match clothing.
    Is this something that you would make available?
    Thank you so much!

    • HI Dawn, I do give my colour analysis clients their signature colours – you may want to investigate having a personal colour analysis with a great consultant in your area who could do the same for you.

  • I just found your blog, which is good for me, because I find colors really confusing.

    I once hear that you should look at the veins in your arm and see if they appear blue or green to see if you are cool or warm-toned. But does that mean undertone or overtone? Or is there a difference?

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