Eyewear Masterclass

Whether you need spectacles for improved vision or just a stylish pair of sunglasses, you’ll have the opportunity to be on the live recording and get your questions answered.

Glasses can be a costly investment and one that you keep for a number of years, so making a great choice when purchasing your frames (or the glasses) means that you want to look at all the variables and make the very best selection for you.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • How to choose a flattering frame for your face shape

  • Selecting the right frame colour for you

  • How to select a frame for your personality style

  • What you need to consider with regards to your facial features to find flattering frames, from eyebrows to the size of your nose… what you need to look for

  • Plus tips on finding the right style of nose bridge and arms which also impact on your selection.

What clients are saying.....

“Absolutely love my new glasses! Thank you Imogen for your Eyewear Masterclass. I felt so confident choosing my new glasses and knew exactly what i was looking for”.

Elzette, Australia



“Imogen’s Eyewear Masterclass was so helpful in choosing my new frames and I’ve had the most fun in shopping for glasses since watching it”.

Katie, USA



“I’m excited I have found my new reading glasses, the moment I tried them on I instantly said to myself I love these.  I’m feeling so much happier and confident shopping for frames now that I’ve watched the Eyewear Masterclass”.

Nicole, Australia




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