Discovering Your Signature Style


how to discover your signature style - with Jill Chivers and Imogen Lamport

Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I discuss how to discover your signature style. We talk about our own and also techniques you can use to find out what yours may be in this video.


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  • Love the examples: the glass, the garden, etc.

    I have some clothes that I quite like, but let me go with a household item instead. I love kilims. I like how they’re cozy and comforting/warm (not slick, not shiny, not smooth), have an interesting pattern (some creativity, some colour), are not luxurious like persian rugs – more down to earth, not in-your-face, somewhat tough (woven tightly, dense).

    From clothes, I always wear a scarf. Whenever I go out without one, I regret it. Usually it’s more of a shawl, i.e. I can wear it as a scarf or wrap it around my shoulders. I’d say it fits the above: cozy, down-to-earth (always in cotton or wool or equivalent, never silk or chiffon), some interest and colour/pattern, not luxurious … tough – I don’t know – I guess it’s kind of practical, makes me more robust to the environment?

    The closest thing to kilims that I can wear is espadrilles and ponchos. I like both. Don’t wear either that often somehow, hmm … But I enjoy them whenever I do. There’re many other items I quite like …

    • Signature style has merit but too much of the same thing is boring and lacks imagination and creativity. For instance, animal print in large items on a regular basis is a case in point. Much more appealing would be the print in smaller items such as a scarf, bracelet, pin or even shoes with occasionally a blouse or dress. I love these prints and wear them often but certainly would not be classified as my signature. I have that particular print in almost every item you can imagine and probably wear one of the items weekly. My signature is far more subtle and would be noticed by only a few of the more observant stylist. Fortunately fashion “rules: are only guidelines and not carved in stone and we are all free to interpret them as we see fit. Just as our opinions are free to express for or against a particular trend. It continues to amaze me how todays fashion differs from country to country even after forty years in the fashion design industry. Perhaps because my style would be considered “classic” a la Jackie O or Kate Middleton that I have little time for the “far out” or unusual trends. I much prefer the “under stated elegance” of my Mother and Grandmother who were fashion divas of their time. I take great enjoyment in reading your e-mails as they make me aware of how other parts of the world
      translate fashion as presented by the major designers of the day. I will try to keep a more open mind and not be too critical of other fashion preferences but I deal with a more mature clientele which limits the options to some degree.
      As always………beauty in the eye of the beholder………….

  • Another great video – thanks! As for my personal style, I love different well fitted jackets generally paired with slim legged jeans. For my signature style, I add a silver, striking necklace or bracelet from either Mexico or the Scandanavian countries.

    I look forward to the future videos of you and Jill Chivers. I have been learning so much from them.

  • I LOVE your videos! You have a beautiful way of sussing out what elements our favorite items inspire and excite within us and translating that into words and ideas that we can look to when trying to find our signature style and personal style. I haven’t found my signature style yet, but at least I feel I’m getting closer to a wardrobe that feels more coherent.

    • K – glad to help and have you on a road to finding your style – maybe you could ask some friends what they notice about your style and see if something comes up from there!

  • I always wear earrings, alongside either a necklace or a scarf.

    I usually wear a skirt/dress rather than trousers, so that shows off my legs I suppose, a recurring theme and I don’t feel comfortable without some form of waist definition. (my body shape is ‘figure 8’)

  • Thank you so much for your video. You’ve really helped me think about my own style. Between you and a conversation with a friend, I’ve learned that I really enjoy having some type of whimsical element to my outfit, like a vintage sparkly bow hairclip or a button-down shirt with little mice on it. I’m trying to figure out what other accessories or clothing items give me that kind of lift so I don’t just end up with a wealth of sparkly hair clips and clothes with animals. But I really do feel happier on a day when I have just a little something fun about my outfit. Thank your helping me figure out why I was enjoying some of my clothes more than others.

  • Imogen, I’ve been going through so many of your pages today and haven’t known what to comment – I’ve been too busy enjoying being submersed in it all… until now! I had to come up for air and comment to say that this video is especially good and it really highlights your talent. Thank you very much for the wealth of information on this website – I’m going back under for more! Rachel 🙂

  • Thank you so much. This is so helpful. I am 54 years old and I have always struggled to find my style. I am so excited, because what you are offering is really going to help me. It is as if this video has opened a door to a playfield that I am going to enjoy very much. Ann

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