Fabric – How your Personality affects your choice of prints and patterns


pattern and personality


So we’ve looked at all the physical aspects of fabric, but now lets take a look at your personality and how that may affect your choice of fabrics.


If you would describe your style as of the Classic variety, you will chose plain fabrics, or maybe a discreet pinstripe at most. You will like clean and crisp fabrics that have some structure.


Whilst if you’re relaxed and comfortable, you will look for plain fabrics that are made from comfortable fabrics such as jersey, 100% cotton or other natural fibres, or non-iron synthetics. Again you are not a pattern lover, but may choose a stripe or check and sometimes a tweed. You may like some texture and also be attracted to the colours of nature.


For those that have a dramatic streak, you will like brighter colours, big bold patterns, or high contrast patterns, plus maybe fabrics with shine or a more structural appearance. Animal prints are another favourite of the dramatic.


The creative personality may like patterns that are more about ‘wearable art’, abstract prints, or mixtures of prints and patterns all in 1 garment.



Elegant people like either plain, high quality fabrics or geometric or stylised prints.



Feminine women may choose plain or pattern fabrics, the patterns they like will be floral, or nature inspired (such as butterflies, or plants). They will choose soft, floaty fabrics that drape over a female body. They may like sequins and beading detail on clothes too.


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  • I am a mix of classic,dramatic, elegant and occasionally creative. I am not a relaxed and comfortable gal or highly feminine.
    I like all of the examples you chose from JCrew. But, I am a JCrew addict.:-)

  • I have always thought of myself as 50/50 Classic and Relaxed, albeit a contemporary version of classic, but according to this I am also elegant. Good for me! 🙂

  • This is great for differentiating between dramatic and creative as I am attracted by dramatic but actually feel much happier in creative 🙂 To that I’d add feminine and classic, although as I like to be comfortable and look like I haven’t made a huge effort, there’s a definite dose of natural in me too 😉

  • I’m interested to know what happens to the ageing dramatic, who can’t wear the high heels and sport the clothes she once did…. heading toward 50 and finding that high heels make her legs scream and all that drama is just a bit too much effort now, but toning down is just too boring?

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