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Shades of Grey – eyeshadow, top, shrug, jewellery

It’s hard to believe, but today is the last day of the FABruary Style Challenge and we’re finishing with Shades of Grey.

Grey is either made from mixing pure black and white, or more commonly, from mixing all colours together.  This muddled up mix of colours is the reason it can be so hard to mix shades of grey together, as depending on how it’s made, it may be a green based, blue based, violet based or brown based grey.

Brown and green based greys suit those with a warm undertone, whilst blue and violet based greys are best for those who have a cool undertone.

Shades of Grey

Grey goes with so many colours – it’s an excellent neutral to have in your wardrobe, particularly if you stick with the shades that compliment your colouring.

Grey goes with

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  • See my blog for my irreverent last post.

    Thanks so much for the Fabruary Style Challenge, Imogen. It was really fun and was very educational! I think I speak for many…

  • I also want to thank you for this challenge! It was fun and gave me some new ideas on how to use my clothes. How will I survive after this.. 😀
    Grey is a colour I love, even my wedding dress (in August!) will be grey (silver satin and a bit darker lace). Today I wore a grey jacket with a grey knit underneath plus some grey/silver accessories. My eyeshadows and liner were also grey. 🙂

  • I’d like to add my thanks too, Imogen, for such a fun idea. I also feel that I have met some new friends through doing it: I have enjoyed reading other bloggers’posts even though I haven’t always had time to comment. I have also learned such a lot from reading your posts, especially about colours and styles. I never realised that grey could be made in so many ways and not just by mixing black with varying amounts of white! I hope that you will consider another challenge later in the year or maybe next February?

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