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Here are five (count them) new videos and over 60 minutes of colour and style tips and advice!    I’d love to answer your questions – join me on my Inside Out Style Facebook page and let me know what you’d like to know!

In This Video

  • A shape can I wear tops and jackets that end at my widest point if I wear them as an outer column of colour?
  • Going grey – will this change my colour palette? How will I know if I need to reassess?
  • Which colour palettes are easiest to identify? Are there any particular colours you look at to determine colour direction?

A Shape – Where to End Tops and Jackets

H is for Hips


Where to End Tops to Make Your Hips and Tummy Look Slimmer

Choosing Top Lengths for Skirts and Pants

How do I Know When It’s Timeto Reassess My Colour Palette?

The Truth About How Ageing Actually Affects Your Style

How Your Colouring Changes as You Age

Your Colouring and The Ageing Process

Colour Analysis

Why Colour Analysis has Evolved Beyond the Seasons


9 Ways Knowing Your Best Colours Will Change Your Life as Well as Your Wardrobe


In This Video

  • Can my arms/wrists be a different undertone to my face?
  • Until now I’ve just been looking for any colour that matches my colours swatch when buying clothes – I now see I need to think about taking my colour and value contrast into consideration as well.
  • I don’t want to go grey so what colours can I dye my hair?

Undertone and Overtone of Skin

Discover Your Colours – Skin Undertone,Overtone & Makeup

Understanding Colour Systems and Personal Colour Analysis

Value and Colour Contrast

How to Choose Prints That Work With Your Colour Contrast

How to Build a Wardrobe of the Right Neutral Basics For You

What to Wear: Prints and Patterns, Getting the Value and Contrast Right

What Colour to Dye My Hair

Selecting the Right Hair Colour and Cut for You

How to Choose a Hair Colour as You Age

Going Blonde – Choosing the Right Shade

In This Video

  • How do I lighten up my Enigmatic (deep, smoky and warm) wardrobe for summer?
  • Stylish loungewear – does it exist?
  • Does it bug you when you see people wearing completely the wrong colours?

What to Wear in Summer When You Have Dark Colouring

How to Wear Your Ideal Colours through the Seasons

Spring and Summer Looks for High Value Contrast

How to Choose Colours in Summer When You Have Deep Colouring

Casual and Lounging Clothes

8 Ways to Look Stylish in a Casual Environment when Jeans are Not Your Thing

How to Smarten Up Your Super Casual Clothes

10 Comfy Casual Outfit Ideas You Want to Copy Now

In This Video

  • How does colour impact social perceptions across different cultures? Plus can you tell us a bit about the psychology of colour and why we perceive colours the way we do?
  • If I’m neutral plus analogous colours – do I count a coloured neutral as one of my analogous colours or as just a neutral?
  • Tips on what to wear in an engagement photo?
  • How to organise a wardrobe – should I put jackets next to pants or organise from left to right?

Colour Psychology

Understanding the Power of Colour in Your Wardrobe

How You Can Use Colours to Communicate For You

C is for Colour

Neutrals and Colour Contrast

Neutrals – What are They and How to Wear Them

Reader Question: What are Neutrals?

Understanding Colour Contrast and Putting Outfits Together

Tips on Having Your Photos Taken

What to Wear as the Mother of the Bride or Groom

How to Take a Good Selfie Outfit Photo – The Technology

How to Take a Great Selfie Photo – The Art of Posing

How to Organise Your Wardrobe

How to Create An Ordered Wardrobe (and why you want one)

18 Funky Storage Ideas for Your Accessories

In this video

  • How do I go about transitioning from a brighter palette to a more muted one without feeling faded out?
  • V shape body – should I wear an inner or outer column of colour? Also, if not wearing exactly the same colours, how different can the top and bottom be?
  • With salt and pepper silver hair, brown eyes and fair freckled skin – can I wear only a monochromatic scheme or neutrals plus a colour?


Transitioning Palettes

Understanding Undertone and Ageing – Warm to Cool

5 Tips for Transitioning Colour Palettes in Your Wardrobe

What to Do When You Don’t Like Some of the Colours in Your Palette?

Column of Colour and Body Shape

how to choose a column of colour for your body shape
I like to wear an inner column of colour as an H shape it makes my lack of waist less obvious

How To Wear a Column of Colour For Your Body Shape

Creating a Column of Colour Casual Outfit

Body Shape Bible: Understanding How to Dress V Shape Bodies

Choosing Outfit Colours with Grey Hair

Choosing Colours When You Have Grey Hair But a Warm Skin Undertone

How to Accessorize Grey Hair

What’s Your Best Neutral – Grey Hair

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