How Your Pets Can Be Inspiration for Your Style Recipe


 I often hear women lamenting that they find it hard to figure out their style recipe.  It’s such a useful tool, it’s definitely worth taking some time and putting a little thought into this.   

It’s important to remember that a Style Recipe isn’t for life – you can change it as your lifestyle and style changes over time.  So don’t feel like you have to find a recipe that is set in stone forever! 

It’s a working recipe that allows you to add new ingredients and remove old ones that no longer are to your taste.

How to use your pet as inspiration for your style recipe

One way to help yourself find a recipe is to look at what you love in other parts of your life.  And one of these may be your pet.  Here is how I could use my wonderful whippets Bo and Arrow as inspiration for my Style Recipe and how I turn that into my sartorial dish:

I was thinking about my dogs and how I love the whippet breed (which they are) and what it is about them that I find so aesthetically attractive, but also their personality is attractive to me as well.

  • I love their sleek lines  – there is not a lot of excess to them.  This translates to me as not having too much “frou frou” in garments.
  • I love their very soft fur (they are surprisingly soft …. something a lot of people don’t realise).  This translates to my recipe as loving soft, comfortable and touchable fabrics.
  • I love that they are aerodynamic – they are built for speed and look beautiful when running.  This translates as functional form – that I like my clothes to be both comfortable and functional whilst also being elegant and attractive.
  • I love their cat-dog personality (yes every whippet owner will tell you that their dog is a cat-dog as they have a little of the aloofness and independence of a cat, and are total couch potatoes when inside, but then when outside and running they are all dog).  I like and value independence and individuality – in my clothes that may translate to wearing something that has a creative twist, or putting clothes together in a creative way.
  • They are loving and sweet, very caring towards each other and our family.  I like my clothing to be approachable and not intimidating or too perfect – so that you feel that you can approach me and ask for help.
  • I love that they are a quiet dog – not big barkers.  This translates to me as not having to be the centre of attention, as an introvert I have no need to be the life of the party and so may translate to my style recipe that even though I like some quirk and uniqueness, I’m not one to dress in the truly creative and Avante-Garde way – that is just too much – too costume for me and I know where my limits around these things are.
  • I love that they are a little bit cheeky.  This translates to some irreverence for me – not being stuck to style rules.

What have I learned and what needs to be included in my style recipe?

How to use your pet as inspiration for your style recipe
Meet Bo (white nose) and Arrow (red collar) my whippets


I could distil what I’ve written above into the following Style Recipe:

  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Functionally Beautiful 
  • Quietly Individual Quirk

How to use your pet as inspiration for your style recipe

This I can then run past my clothing selections and outfits to ensure that what I choose meets my Style Recipe!

Even in a casual outfit like this one – there is some elegance but not a lot of excess or frou-frou.  Everything is comfortable and feels good to the touch.  The kimono is silk and moves elegantly when I walk, the shoes are a mix of suede and patent leathers and are quietly individual with a touch of quirk.  The necklace though large scale blends with my outfit so is not overtly loud.

How about you?  How would your pet/s inspire your style recipe?


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How Your Pets Can Be Inspiration fHow Your Pets Can Be Inspiration for Your Style Recipeor Your Style Recipe


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  • I’m a creative person and a bit introverted.

    I’m intrigued by some of refashioned tops and tunics that I’ve seen but I’m afraid that they will draw too much attention to me. How do I balance adding creative pieces to my wardrobe without looking contrived? I’m also 65 and want to avoid mutton dressed as lamb.

    When I worked office casual was my preferred look, blazers with coordinated skirts and tops. These days I like leggings and tunics better than skirts or dresses.

    • Mutton dressed as lamb – don’t worry about this – unless you want to be showing off all your skin – I’ve found that if you think about it – if it even crosses your mind – you won’t be mutton dressed as lamb. Think about not doing the refashioned tunics in loud colour – something more subtle – your creative doesn’t have to be head to toe – it can just be a little element of your outfit too.

  • I loved this post and how you distilled the essence of what you love about your adorable dogs to how it translates to style. I will have to think a bit about my cat Toby and my style. He is sleek, soft and lovable but likes his own way! I like elegant lines, black and white and a bit of boldness so maybe that’s a start 😄

  • I love this post! One of the many things I love about our standard dachshund is his classically handsome good looks. I love his smooth coat and simple black and tan “colour scheme”. He also has a quiet dignity about the way he carries himself. At the same time, there is a comical twist to his bearing (those short legs!) which appeals to me. Totally reflects my style recipe – classic simplicity with a joyful twist.

  • As a greyhound owner, I can definitely relate to this post about your whippets! Though I have to say, it’s really hard to feel anything but invisible next to him – not only is he sleek and elegantly black, but he also has a bouncy gait and demeanor that draws smiles and compliments every time I take him out. But, to your point, I, like him, am pretty wash and wear, minimalistic and low key. We both value our sleep too much to be too fussy!

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