H is for Hips


Many women are obsessed with their body and perceive it to be lacking.  According to a study done by Triumph:

  • 70% of women are not happy with their body, but 79% of their partners ARE happy with their partner’s body (women, listen to your partner, they love your body and think its great!)
  • 82% of women would rather a different body shape.
  • 17% of women want to change the size of their thighs
  • 47% want to change the size of their stomach, an issue which I’ve addressed here.

Having said that, and my experience with many clients, and a question that wasn’t asked was how do you feel about your hips – which really incorporates a bit of bottom and the tops of your thighs, and I’d guess that a lot more than 17% would say they would like to change them in some way as I notice that so many women dress that part of their body first, before even considering what they should wear near their face (which is where we’re all looking 90% of the time!).

Interestingly, I get a lot of emails from women who have discovered that they are an 8 body shape (different from the traditional X – hourglass shape) and feel that knowing this about their shape has really helped them dress their hips in way that makes them feel happier about their shape.  You can see the difference between the two versions of the hourglass body shape here.

More women want to make their hips look smaller, but there are a proportion who feel, as they describe it to me, ‘boyish’ and want to create more curves so both these issues will be covered here.

How to Flatter Your Curvy Hips

1. Know your shape – an X or A shape will dress their hips, bottom and thighs differently from an 8 Shape, even though they may feel that they want to make them look slimmer or smaller (but not all do!).

2. Understand your proportions – as much as body shape, dressing in a way that is proportionally pleasing will help to balance you as a whole.

3. Look for fabrics that drape – stiff fabrics that don’t drape smoothly past your curves will accentuate them.

4. Be careful of pockets – frequently on so many garments the pockets can add extra unnecessary detail to your hip region.

5. Ensure distressing on denim is not around your groin region, but do look for vertical fading on your jeans which creates a flattering elongating line!

H is for hips - how to flatter and slim your hips - look for vertical fading on the thighs of your jeans6. Make sure that fabrics have enough weight and are not flimsy.

7. Wear dense patterns that they eye can’t focus on.

8. Wear darker fabrics on your bottom half.  Dark denim, brown, black, charcoal or navy dress pants etc.

9. If you wear a patterned bottom, take the light or bright colour from the bottom to wear on your top and draw the eye upwards.

10. Be careful where you end your tops – never on the widest point of your hips!H is for Hips - Imogen Lamport's A-Z of Style - How to flatter your hips and thighs

How to Add Curves to Your Hips

1. Look for pockets around the hip region.

2. Look for fabrics that have some body and volume.

3. Wear lighter colours on your bottom and darker on your tops.

4. Wear patterned and coloured bottoms.

5. Tapered jeans were made for you.

6. Look for pleats in skirts to add some volume.

7. End tops on your widest points around the hip area.

8.  Look for tops that have volume down low

9. Get the body shape guidelines for your I or V shape

10. Choose fabrics with some sheen or shine


Not sure of your body shape?  You can discover your shape and get your body shape bible with my body shape calculator quiz here.  Or if you’d like my professional opinion on your body and colouring, this is just part of what you receive in my 7 Steps to Style program.


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H is for Hips - Imogen Lamport's A-Z of Style- how to flatter your hips no matter their shape


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  • Thank you for great tips! The difference between dense patterns and bold patterns were new to me, but makes a lot of sense. Agree with the point about proportions; I’m a medium sized person and so are my hips, but they are proportionally a bit big compared to my upper body. What to you feel about wearing skinnies and balancing out the hips by adding volume on top in stead of by wearing flared jeans?

  • Thanks for this. I’ve appreciated your website ever since I found out I was an 8. I had spent years reading elsewhere that I needed a-line skirts to minimize my hips – and I always felt “big” when I wore them so they’d languish in my closet – If I’d have found you sooner I would’ve saved a lot of money wasted on A-lines – and spent it on cute pencils instead!! A tip for some slit pockets on skirts – I’ve sown them shut in a couple of cases as they just make the skirt gape and that is not flattering!

  • I stumbled upon your blog last week. I want to say : thank you. I’ve learned more in one week than in the last ten years I’ve been interested in fashion. I’ve read quite a few books about style and they were more confusing than useful. This blog seems a lot of work and you sound passionate about what you do, so, I just wanted you to know that this work is really helpful.

  • Dear Imogen:

    I trust and respect your work 100%. Today I’ve been reading your blogs related to Body Shapes but still have doubts choosing my body shape. I’m between a Type X or a Type 8.

    Please, can you tell an example of body measurements from a Type X and a Type 8, respectively? That way we can feel safer choosing which is our body type. Thanks a lot in advance.

    Sincerely, Alison

  • Thank you for your information on Figure 8 body types. It has made a huge difference in how I’m shopping and dressing (and looking :)).
    Where should jackets/tops fall if you have the Fig 8? My hips appear almost rectangular and the high and lower hip measurements are the same. Should I stop my tops between the two or go longer?

  • Hi Imogen,
    I’ve been consulting your blog for several months and have been meaning to leave a comment for ages just to say thank you. I think you provide really useful and practical advice. The info on body shapes is the best I’ve encountered – I am one of those girls who realised that I am an 8-shape, which I had never seen reference to before. Keep up the fantastic work.

  • Dear Imogen

    Thanks for your very useful advice on dressing for our shape. I have a problem with which jacket lenghts are most flattering and most versatile.
    I notice that the shorter blazers are better with skirts and the longer ones only go with trousers. Is that observation correct? What if one only wants to buy one jacket, is it better to go shorter?
    I am a H shape.
    Also are cropped jackets a no-no on a short H with a short waist?

    Yummy mummy

  • Imogen,
    As a pear shape who Is clearly bottom heavy, other than in a dress, can I ever wear color on my bottom half , perhaps in a muted cool color, as both of those are receding in nature? How about if I reduce the total amount of the color and use it in culottes or a skirt instead of in a pair of trousers and then draw the color up to my facial area in a print and a color topper that matches the colored bottom , or with a scarf , earrings, or necklace ? Or should I stick to neutrals for my bottoms ? Sometimes I just want to expand what I can wear and use to create outfits ! What about a stone color on my bottom with an accent colored top ? Add a stone colored topper to create an outside column to avoid the value contrast ? I am a light fair, muted Autumn . Thank you — I have learned so much from your posts !

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