18 Funky Storage Ideas for Your Accessories


In my experience as an image consultant (personal stylist) working in client’s wardrobes, accessory storage is something that can make a big difference to how stylish you are.  Why?  Well if it’s hard to find your accessories, hard to see them or access them, then it’s unlikely you’ll bother wearing them.

If it’s easy to find them, see them and organise them, then you will take the time to wear them (or wear a greater range of them).

I’m often asked about how to store accessories, and have found 18 easy ways to store them, depending on your wardrobe and accessory range, here are just some fab ways you can think about storing your accessories.  Most of these are DIY options

18 Great Storage Ideas for Your Accessories

Here are a few of the best storage ideas I’ve found for accessories on Pinterest.

For years (until my recent wardrobe makeover) I used pushpins on a cork board to hang my necklaces.

Styrofoam covered with some thin cotton is ideal for storing stud earrings

Make yourself one of these


A great use for peg board

Love this novel use for ice cube trays – store your earrings!

Turn your jewellery storage into art

Find a gorgeous old frame and turn your earrings into artwork

Hang your scarves using curtain rings – DIY scarf hanger instructions

Make and accessories storage wall – use a pretty wallpaper to back a board  for added impact.

How about using that old cake stand if you never bake

Love the different knobs for necklace storage

How to store your bangles

What to do with that old garden rake


Too many pairs of thongs (flip-flops)?

What to do with that old PVC pipe – Shoe Storage!

Got an old ladder lying around?

Hooks are great for handbag storage if you have the hanging space

Store nailpolish in one of these hanging pocket organisers.


And here is one for the man in your life

Share links of any great storage ideas you’ve found on pinterest!

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  • Some fabulous ideas. I love having the different knobs on a wooden board for necklaces and the bottles for bangles. I adore accessories and have different ways of storing them. I found some really pretty fabric boxes with various slots for jewelry that I stack in a drawer as well as a tie hanger that I also use for necklaces. I think visible fun storage encourages us to play with our accessories and actually incorporate them into our daily outfits.
    Thanks for this info. Imogen!

  • My grandmother had an enormous lamp on her dressing table, with an enormous lampshade–onto which she pinned all her brooches.

  • I love near the sea in Melbourne and have problems with jewellery tarnishing quick in the sea air… So I use plastic ‘take away’ tubs for all my statement necklaces and bracelets and they stay perfect. I stack them in an IKEA capsule cabinet to make them look fun. And I can see everything easily!

  • Wow. So many clever and attractive storage ideas. Because I love to collect vintage things, I use old sewing boxes for jewelry and countertop hand towel racks with moveable arms to hang my necklaces. Love the idea for the scarf storage with clips on a hanger. I’ve been looking for an organized way to store mine. Thanks for that tip!


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