Body Shape Bible: Understanding How to Dress V Shape Bodies


How to Dress the V or Inverted Triangle body shapeAs I discussed here when I explained how lines work, body shape tells us:

  • Where to put the verticals
  • Where to put the horizontals to balance, broaden or highlight
  • Where to place detail
  • Where to keep boring/dull/plain/no detail

That’s it!  So let’s look at the V Shape (commonly called the Inverted Triangle or Cone shape)

How to Dress the V shape body


Let’s have a look at dress shapes and detail for the V shape

V shape dresses


You’re looking for flared skirt shapes to balance your shoulders.
Horizontal details go below the waist to create more shape on the hips.
Narrower V necklines act more like a vertical on the upper body.

If we take a skirt and top for the V shape

V shape skirt and top


Vertical details on the upper body and horizontal detail on the lower body.
Darker tops and lighter bottoms make your upper body visually recede.

How about jeans and a jacket.

V shape jeans and jacket


Wider leg styles balance broad shoulders.
End tops and jackets around the hips to create curves.

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Download this printable V Shape Bible

Not sure of your body shape?  Then take my Body Shape Calculator quiz here.

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  • Bit new here and already love your blog! I am an X shape (thighs wider than hips – hate that!) with arms bit wider than thighs. It is so difficult to find good jeans or trousers… ‘Shaping’ my hips works a bit (skater dress, chinos or pencil dress with darts and so on). I love high waisted things and really wish for a broader hips, it would be so much easier… But I do not need to wish for impossible from now on as luckilly I found your blog!:) Thank you!

  • As a V shape I’ve noticed that adding a belt makes a world of difference in helping my pants stay up. Often slacks and trousers have higher waists than jeans. In general, I approve of the more formal look of the higher rise, but they always seem baggy in the rise or hips on me. Even if they fit they wouldn’t look too great, but a shirt/jacket would probably be able to mask the high waist. Any tips for making formal pants work?

    • Have you thought about getting alterations if they don’t fit correctly? Sounds like poor fit through the rise and waist issues (and sometimes that can’t be fixed – just shouldn’t be bought to start with)

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