How to Create a Casual Column of Colour


casual column of colour wearing Verily knit

Today I’m guest posting over at Creating Order from Chaos  about how I organise my life but before you go and read that post, I thought I’d just share my casual column of colour, given that has been a topic here recently.

I’m sure some people wonder what an image consultant wears when they’re not seeing clients. Today I’m seeing my bookkeeper and doing office based work, so I’m dressed in jeans (jag), blue long-sleeve cotton/elastane knit (giordano) and red fine merino knit long cardigan (verily who also now have an Etsy Shop).

The necklaces are two different ones joined together (one was not enough for me, the scale was too small and looked insignificant).  As a larger busted woman longer necklaces can be harder to pull off than pendants, but I’ve found if they are chunky enough the whole way round they still draw attention away from my bust.  Long pendants just don’t work.

You can see how the indigo denim and navy knit seamlessley create a lovely long column (by the way I’m wearing black ballet flats) and don’t draw any attention to my stomach (which is the area I tend to want to distract from).

So now you can picture me sitting infront of my PC writing in these clothes.


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  • Looking good!! I wish Verily wasn’t so far from me.

    And re: the other post – yeek! Even with very comfortable low-heel shoes one needs a variety to avoid problems? I usually have 2 pairs I use actively, is that enough? Generally my feet don’t hurt, but I am young, don’t want to be setting myself up for pain later …

    • Olga – It’s better for your feet to not wear the same shoes each day – plus the shoes last longer as they can dry out completely after each wearing. Each shoe rubs (even if you don’t notice it yet) so I’d get at least 3 pairs of shoes that you rotate each day to keep your feet in optimum health. Unfortunately when you start getting problems they’re hard to fix.

  • I have thought a lot about your column and I agree that being 5’2″ (and 3/4) this is a principle I should use. Being retired, I practically live in jeans, or in winter I wear tall boots and long skirts (I hate my legs and it’s cold here in the NE of England). I’ve decided that unless I want to live in denim blue (which is admittedly one of my favourite colours), I will need to collect jeans or chinos in different colours. I am naturally a mousey blonde (well, probably mostly grey now) but have sported dark auburn hair the last few years. The colouring is a hassle but I’m enjoying the high contrast look and the different clothing options it allows me. I know at some point I will be doing the more natural grey thing and I’m dreading the washed out look that I think will come with it. Any pointers for those of us who don’t want to disappear into pale neutrals? Also, have you ever noticed that different colours seem right in different climates? I have a sister-in-law in Sydney and the colour schemes in Australia seem much different to prevalent ones here in England. I find that white and bright colours seem garish here in wet, grey England. Any thoughts?

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