How to Choose Colours in Summer When You Have Deep Colouring


Have you written an article yet on colour coordinating for us deep dominant folk especially for summer style?

So you have naturally deeper/darker colouring, but in summer you don’t want to be wearing all those dark winter colours, so how do you choose the lighter colours that will work best for you?

Firstly consider your eye colour – if you look into your eyes (like in this post about eye enhancers) you may find lighter colours as well as darker colours contained in them.  If you match these lighter shades this will often be great lighter colours to wear in summer.

Then, each palette has a combination of lighter and darker colours.  If you’re naturally very deep, your lighter shades won’t be pastels, but they  may be a lighter jewel tone, rather than a deep heavy one.

What to wear in summer when you have deep colouring


Look for the medium to lighter colours that suit you from your palette, or if you don’t have a colour palette (though they are a brilliant tool for creating a cohesive and flattering wardrobe and you can get one doing my 7 Steps to Style program) then look for medium colours rather than the really light ones.

If you have very cool colouring you will find that icy colours are a great summer alternative to your normal deeper colours, but just make sure, whichever colours you wear in summer, that you work with your natural contrast levels to make the outfit harmonise with you.


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