Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 5


In this Video:

  • How to deal with boredom in your outfits and wardrobe when you can’t shop?
  • How to do an inner column of colour without getting bored (particularly in summer when it’s too hot to wear a third piece)?
  • Discuss Matchy Matchy. Matching shoes and accessories. Does this make the eye dart around or can smoothness be achieved better by not matching?

Outfit Boredom

Bored with Your Style? 5 Solutions to Have You Looking and Feeling Great Again

What to Do When You’re Bored with Your Style

Why Do We Love What We Buy and Hate What is in Our Wardrobe?

Column of Colour

Creating a Column of Colour Casual Outfit

How to Look Taller Using a Column of Colour

How To Wear a Column of Colour For Your Body Shape

Principles of Coordination

The Aesthetics of Beauty and Style and How They Relate to Fashion

How to Train Your Eye To Create Stylish Outfits

Principles of Co-ordination – Related Shape


In This Video:

  • Going grey – how will this change your colouring regarding wearing patterns?
  • Plus size light colour palette – how to look and feel slimmer when dark colours don’t work?
  • Choosing a handbag – cross body bags – how to select a bag and what you might want to think about

Hair and Patterns

How to Build a Wardrobe of the Right Neutral Basics For You

What Makes an Outfit Aesthetically Attractive?

7 Things You Must Consider When Choosing a Flattering Floral Print for You

Light Palette looking Slim

How to Rock Patterns on Your Lower Half – X and A Shapes

The Slimming Effect of Verticals and How to Use Them in Your Outfit

Why Black May Not Be Your Best Friend- Busting the Black Myth


6 Top Tips for Choosing a Handbag That’s Both Practical and Beautiful

What Size Handbag Should I Carry?

Handbag Shapes and Styles – How to Choose To Suit You

In This Video:

  • Shirt waisted, large bust H shape what to look for in a blazer so I don’t look rounder and bigger?
  • How to dress a long rise high waist low rear body so the back view is flattering?
  • How to create a lynchpin within an outfit using a necklace with the colours of your bottoms?


H Shape Jackets

Body Shape Bible: Understanding How to Dress H Shape Bodies

Don’t Waste Your Money – H Shape

J is for Jackets

Long Rise

13 Ways to Flatter a Super Long Torso or Long Rise


How to Create Waist Definition without a Belt

Body Proportions Explained – Long Rise

Accessories and Your Portrait

How to Choose Linking Pieces and Accessories to Co-ordinate Your Outfit More Stylishly

Why You Should Dress Your Portrait First

How to Get More Mileage From Your Wardrobe with Beauty Bundles

In This Video

  • How would you define a coloured neutral? Can a Low Colour Contrast person have a coloured neutral? Is it determined by colour contrast, value contrast or palette? Does everyone have them?
  • X shape with long torso and short legs – skirt lengths to look proportionally good!
  • If cools can wear all the blues and violets, do warms get colours cools can’t wear?


Coloured Neutrals

Neutrals – What are They and How to Wear Them

Reader Question: What are Neutrals?

How to Discover Neutrals with the Right Undertone For You

Skirt Lengths

Your Essential Skirt Length and Shoe Selection Guide

Choosing Top Lengths for Skirts and Pants

How to Find Your Ideal Skirt or Dress Hem Length

Warm and Cool Colours

Understanding Colour Properties

How to Pick Colour Undertones

5 Colour Concept Essentials You Need to Understand To Create Harmonious Outfits

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Colour and Style Questions Answered


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