Why You Should Dress Your Portrait First


Dress your portrait

Your portrait area is the first part of you that people see. It’s what we focus on when we have a conversation with you.  Watch this short video as I explain more.


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  • This is such great, simple advice. I think we all tend to overcomplicate things and you help us focus on what is important. Thanks!

  • Just wanted to say that I LOVE your new header! Love the colors and the sketch of you with blonde hair. This was a great post

  • Love the new look of your website, the open closet and clothes, you and your dog…really fresh and inviting. BTW I’ve been enjoying a series called Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, it’s a lot of fun and the 1920s clothes are lovely.

  • Good simple makes sense advice. I love accessories and agree with KimM the new header is great and I that you have included your dog.

    • Cleo is my shadow – she has to be included! She photo bombs me all the time when I’m trying to take pictures, and sits up in my office with me as I work.

  • Hi Imogen,
    thank you fpr this great advise. I especially loved how you demonstrated it, it was so impressive to see the difference! You’re looking great!Love how you dress your new figure. Although I feel like the hair is not just quite there yet? Maybe it’s a little bit too soft or maybe it’s the color? I don’t know.
    I always wonder about dressing your portrait, what about long necklaces? I love to wear long necklaces on thinner chains with one or more pendants that hang below my bust. I sometimes don’t wear earrings because my hair covers my ears anyways. Am I dressing my portrait then? Because the pendant is hanging below my breasts and in the portrait area you can only see the chain part which is rather thin.
    I mean something like this: https://img0.etsystatic.com/001/0/6248575/il_340x270.469432976_kq3l.jpg

    • Those kinds of pendants will draw attention to your tummy, so when you’re wearing the, wear some earrings to draw attention up to your face. Even if you have long hair, something that sparkles and glints in the light will still break through your hair and create a face focus.

  • Thank you for answering! That’s an excellent idea to wear earrings that glint a little through the hair! That way I could even find a really small pair that would go with almost all the necklaces. 🙂
    I by the way should not draw any attention to my tummy 😉 but try to have the pendant hang just below the bust, kind of where the bra sits because that is a slim part of my body (where empire waists are, I mean). Not sure if that’s a good idea.
    Have a great day!

  • Hi Imogen, in some of your other posts, you’ve talked about how our “pigments” cool as we age and so our colours might lose some of their intensity, or perhaps just heat. Have you ever thought that our capacity for adornment also fades a bit? Being an Iris Apfel fan, the answer to that is possibly just no. I feel like I could wear more “bling” in my late teens and early twenties than looks good now, late thirties.
    Thinking in terms of the portrait, I have to be careful not to clutter my face. Perhaps that was always the case…but it does feel like I used to be able to pile it on if desired.

  • Hi Imogen,
    Your videos and style rules are truly great and this one particularly. I love earrings and scarves but I’m not very found of necklaces. Thank you very much

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