Bored with Your Style? 5 Solutions to Have You Looking and Feeling Great Again


A few people recently have commented to me that they feel bored with their style. They like what they wear, they think it flatters them (and follows their guidelines) but they feel bored.

So why has boredom crept in?  I think there can be  a few reasons (and the answer may require some soul searching).

Bored with Your Style? 5 Solutions to Have You Looking and Feeling Great Again

Top 5 Reasons Why You’re Bored with Your Style and Their Solutions

1. One Hit Wonder

Sure you’ve found 3 of the colours that suit you and 2 different looks and so you’ve stocked your wardrobe with basically the same thing over and over, just a different colour or a slight change of pattern (you know, navy and white striped tee, and a black and white striped tee … etc.), but if you looked at your wardrobe you’d discover that really it’s all pretty much the same.  Multiples of basically the same garment are what’s inside your closet.

Problem: You are stuck in one lane of your Style Superhighway as you don’t really know the full breadth of your style options

Solution: Learn more about the other lanes on your Style Superhighway (this is what you do in my 7 Steps to Style program and then continue with in my Ignite Your Style Genius program).

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2. Small Wardrobe

For one reason or another you’ve chosen to have a smaller more ‘capsule’ based wardrobe.  You may have decided that minimalism is the way you want to go ethically or spiritually, you just have a really small amount of space to store your garments or you’ve got a very limited budget which means that you can’t afford to purchase many clothes.

Problem:  You’ve worn the same things over and over and over again and now you’re bored, bored bored.

Solution: You can add interest and make your small wardrobe feel larger by the use of accessories in different shapes, colours and styles.   But if you’ve downsized because you think a capsule is the way you wanted to go and it’s making you unhappy (read up here about why some of us need larger wardrobes and others are happy with small ones here), then it might be good to add a few extra pieces strategically to your wardrobe to give you the variety you crave.

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3. Stable Life

Two important needs of all humans are stability and variety.  They are the polar opposites of each other and we need them both!  When our life (home, work, relationships etc.) is stable, then we crave variety. You need change to keep  entertained!    In reverse, when  life is unstable, when there is much change going on, then you crave stability and this is when a small wardrobe with fewer options is great as your brain is so taken up with processing all the other things around you that give you the variety that a more uniform style of dressing often appeals.

Problem:  Life is good and your wardrobe works, but you need variety and interest.

Solution: Challenge yourself to create new outfits every day from your existing wardrobe and accessories.  Don’t wear the same outfit over and over, instead every time you dress think about how you can style and create outfits differently.  Your brain needs a challenge, give it one!

This is what I do for myself so I don’t get bored.   I try and create different outfits from my existing wardrobe almost every day!

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4. Supporting Acts

Wardrobes need both heroes and supporting acts.  Often when you feel bored it’s because our wardrobes have become too full of the supporting acts, the basics that you create our daily outfits from.  You may even be forgetting to add in focal points and hero (statement) garments or accessories.

Problem: Creating outfits around basics and choosing dull basics as a starter!

Solution:  Add  a hero or statement piece (or two or three) to your outfits to give them more interest.  Take daily outfit photos to analyse your creations and see how you can improve on what you’ve been putting together.  Make sure your basics are not boring!

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5. On Repeat

So you’ve got some great outfits that you’ve figured out, but rather than wear your full wardrobe, you’re wearing only a small proportion of it over and over.   No matter how great those outfits that you’ve put together are, you will get bored over time.  It could be because you’ve got a wardrobe of “outfits” that can’t really be separated, or it could just be because you’re in a bad habit and are not thinking about what you put together each day.

Problem: You’re stuck in a style rut

Solution: Take a intensive style challenge like Evolve Your Style (or if you’ve done that, then graduate onto Ignite Your Style Genius) which will help you think differently about your clothes and putting outfits together.

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Did any of these reasons ring true for you? Which were they?

Are there any other reasons that you’ve come up with that I haven’t included here? Please share!

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  • Thank you for sharing your solutions and explanations why we can feel bored with our style. I think my issue would be number 3. :-)) so I am going to challenge myself a bit!
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