April Style Challenge – Accessorize



This week in the April Style Challenge it is all about accessories.

  1. Shoes
  2. Bags
  3. Belts
  4. Jewellery
  5. Scarves
  6. Glasses
  7. Hats

Why not try a different accessory type each day as your focal point or as an addition to what you’d normally wear.  This week is a time to pull out of your wardrobe and drawers all your accessories, long forgotten.  Try them on , decide if they work or not (or if you could upcycle them into something better) and play dress-ups with them, not in a way that looks childish or silly, but using what you have to create new outfits and focal points.

You may have favourites you rely on all the time, why not try a new combination of accessories, it may expand your wardrobe options.

The list of accessories here is short, you could also consider things like patterned tights or hair accessories.   If you find the whole accessorizing thing a bit daunting or are looking for more ideas, why not grab a copy of my ebook The Finishing Touch: Perfecting the Art of Accessorizing to help you find more ways to get mileage from your accessories.


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Visual Grouping


Where to wear your handbag 

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Belt It – Ways to Wear Belts With or Without a Waist

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I’ll be doing a new post on how to choose necklace style for your necklines tomorrow, but in the meantime get some tips from these posts.

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Hats, Scarves and Gloves

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How to Choose Glasses

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Choosing Sunglasses


How to Choose a Hat

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Don’t forget to share with us your April Style challenge results – you can leave blog post links here in the comments, or Tweet/Instagram with  #AprilStyle @ImogenLamport  or head over to my Facebook page and leave some pics there!  I love seeing your efforts!

Feel free to take the April Style Challenge pic and share it on your blog or elsewhere on social media!


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  • Looking through my accessories, I spotted a hat, I had hardly ever worn.
    The only time I tried, was on a very calm and sunny day – still the hat constantly blew off my head.
    I could tie it on. – But it will be a very different style.

    Any tips on how to keep hats on. Or on finding a hat that will stay in place.

  • All the links to earlier accessories posts is a terrific idea. Thank you for collecting these all together, I’m going to work my way through them all!

  • First of all, I loooove that pink bag!

    Secondly, good to see that Lazy Madonna is taking part too.

    Thirdly, thank you for all the links, which will take me a while to work through but are giving me lots f good ideas.

    Last of all, I have combined day 1 and day 2 as my lovely husband took a rather blurred photo of my day 1 outfit, so I am just showing the bag that was my day 1 accessory!

  • Hi Imogen–

    Late to post but have been reading along…and playing along by wrapping a printed scarf around a neutral hat. Not sure if that gets me double points but it’s an easy way to make a few hats go a longer way!

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