How to Choose Jewellery for The Season


How to choose jewellery for the season


Hi Imogen,

I have the following question: living in the Northern hemisphere I am wondering what jewellery looks right in the darker seasons. More sparkle? Warmer or deeper colours? What styles look good with warmer clothes? I look horrible in turtlenecks so will continue to wear wider necklines (covered with a scarf, obviously, outside) but am a bit clueless as to what to wear in drab daylight and under artificial lighting.

Thanks in advance

Seasonal Jewellery



Winter Jewellery

In winter your jewellery can be heavier in it’s weight and feel.

Winter is the time for larger pieces.  Jewellery made of materials like wood or polished stone are ideal in winter as are darker colours and warmer tones such as red, orange and amber.

Darker colours also work better during colder, darker months of the year.

Summer Jewellery

In summer, a heavy necklace feels hot and bothersome.  Warmer weather calls for lighter cooler colours, more space and air in the pieces. But of course, diamonds never go out of style, nor do pearls, no matter what the season.

You can wear sparkle all year round, but glass jewellery tends to look better in summer than winter.  Anything lighter and airy has more of a summer feel.


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