7 Tips You Need to Know to Choose The Right Sunglasses


7 Tips You Need to Know to Choose The Right Sunglasses

Do you find it hard to find a pair of sunglasses that suit you?

Here are a few tips to help you choose a flattering frame

1. Undertone

Choose an undertone that suits your complexion.  Warm browns and tortoiseshell suits warm colouring.  Cool greys, blues and blacks suit cool colouring.

2. Shape

Pick a pair that flatters your defining features (find out more about them here).  Angles for angled features and curved for curved features.

3. Bridge

A high bridge will make your nose look longer, a low bridge (butterfly shape) will make your nose look shorter.

4. Size

The larger and deeper the frame the shorter your face will look, so if you have a long face shape, choose a deeper frame.  If you have a shorter face (round or square) then choose a narrower frame.

5. Scale

The scale of the frame should relate to your face, unless you are dramatic and want to express that part of your personality.

6. Eyebrows

Make sure your eyebrows don’t stick out of the top of the frame at an odd angle so you look like you’re permanently surprised.

7. Top Bar

Balance a strong jaw with a heavier top bar


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  • Imogen, I always thought if you have a round face, you should choose angular frames. If you have a square face, choose round so as to soften your angles.

    I have a couple of pairs I love, I didn’t know the rules then, though. I have to find smaller scale glasses, which is tough.

  • Karen – the go opposite your face rule is old school – the harmonise with your face is new school.

    If you wear round glasses with a square face, all you’ll notice is the difference.

    If you wear soft rectangle glasses with a square face, you’ll look in harmony and will look heaps better.

  • Thank you for the great blog. I’m going on a trip soon and I wanted to get sunglasses I could wear while we are out and about. In the article you mentioned that you should choose your sunglasses that compliment the angle of your eyebrows. I have pretty level eyebrows, so I’ll have to find glasses that compliment that well.

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