Spring Racing Carnival Headwear Tips


wearing a little creation of mine

It’s currently Spring Racing Carnival here in Melbourne and there are hats and fascinators everywhere. If you’re going to a Melbourne Cup event or any of the race days what should you know about wearing hats and some of the conventions associated with each of the days?

a Waltraud Reiner creation

Derby Day – Black and White
Official Flower – Cornflower

Scarlet Lady Millinery

Melbourne Cup – Fashion with Drama
Official flower – Yellow Rose

Julie Hyne in a Waltraud Reiner creation

Crown Oaks Day – Feminine and Floaty
Official Flower – Pink Rose

Emirates Stakes Day – Fashions for the Family
Official Flower – Red Rose

Millinery Tips

Clare Maxfield tries on a Waltraud Reiner hat

Your hat or fascinator needs to sit on the side of head where your hair parts (if you have one). This balances the volume of your hair.

Christine Gawaith

Hats and fascinators are traditionally designed to sit on the right side of your head, so if you normally part your hair on the left, try parting it on the right when wearing headwear.

Try on headwear standing up, not sitting, you will get a better feel for the overall balance of the hat and your body shape and proportions.

Shelley Obermoser – hat sits on the side with the part

If you’re wearing feature headwear, you probably won’t need a necklace, and only discreet earrings.

If you have long hair, tie it back for a sleeker look, hats often look best when hair is tied back or up so the hat is the feature.

Scarlet Lady Millinery


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