3 Easy Ways to Tie Head Scarves


How to tie head scarves - perfect for those wanting to cover their head due to chemotherapy or if you're just having a bad hair day


On Monday I did workshop for Look Good Feel Better, afterwards I was asked if I’d ever done videos on how to tie head scarves (which is part of the workshop) on my blog, as they had lots of requests by cancer patients who lose their hair during chemo, so I’ve done 3 short videos here on some different head scarf tying options.

For the first two videos all you need is a large square scarf.

Simple way to tie a headscarf


How to tie a headscarf with a rosette finish

For the last video you need a head wrap – which is a tube of fabric.

How to tie a head wrap

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  • It's wonderful that you've helped so many (too many) women living with illness figure this out, and now the video will help even more.

    I admit I like wearing a scarf-in-hair look myself, but struggle with keeping the thing in place — so I'll be practicing a bit!

  • After my nanna had chemo she would wear all sorts of head scarves etc… She would put a slim shoulder pad under the scarf to give it a little bit of height and make it look more natural. She was great at matching her acessories with her head scarf for the day. She had every colour of the rainbow I think. She will always be remembered for her great style. I'm wearing one of her necklaces today actually.

  • As someone who lost her hair as part of a bone marrow transplant, I have a few thoughts. Although I got a fabulous wig and made lots of scarves, I was comfortable going bald (which surprised me). When wearing a scarf and trying to give the effect of hair, chose a color scarf that is close to your hair color. Because I sew, I was able to make matching scarves for most of my clothes. One of the best things I did was get cosmetic tattoos of my eyebrows. A bald woman with great brows looks edgy, a bald woman with no brows looks like a chemo patient. I am in the US, and there are "permanent makeup" artists who will do eyebrow and nipple tattoos free of charge for cancer patients.

  • Fine Balance – thanks!

    Tall and Slim – I don't think it's anything but scary!

    Vix – polyester slips much more than silk or cotton – also I find that a scarf with a little stretch in it makes a difference.

    Brooke – yes – I show this tip – you can also use a small foam bra insert – I got one out of my swimmers that I demonstrate with.

    Anon – I love this tip of wearing a hair coloured scarf – I'm going to share this at my next Look Good Feel Better workshop!

  • I could never figure out how to make it smooth and look “right”.. I think with some practice, I can get it now- THANKS! I’m a cancer patient, but haven’t had to do chemo yet. about 8months ago, I had my hair trimmed to 1inch long all over my head- to get rid of the color-died part. . and because I thought I’d be having chemo soon. It’s not on the schedule yet.. and that’s fine with me! I’ve had eye-liner tattooed on, my lashes are thin anyway, and this way I look a little less ‘bald’ there. Next will be a few wisps of eyebrows, too. Off to dig up some scarves to practice! THANKS AGAIN for the help!

  • Your blog is really great – you show just how to do it right!! You might want to check out this website that I have found that makes covering your hair an easy thing to do – slip on a pretied bandana and your ready to wear them. I found the pretieds on

  • I took a link here from Evolve your Style day 3, but there aren’t any videos on this page for me. Just blank white space where they should be. 🙁

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