How Much Jewellery at Once?


Following on from my post the other day about matching jewellery, I received this reader question:
 I see that the larger earrings are paired with ring / bracelet, not a necklace. How do I tell when my earrings are “too much” to be worn with a necklace?

Combining Jewellery


My general advice for this question would be – depends on your personal style and personality – but as a guide, if you want some rules try this.

If your earrings are large, chandelier style, you might find that a necklace is overkill and you look too cluttered.  Instead pair with bracelet and/or rings.

If you have a short neck, then I’d avoid both earrings and necklace as it will clutter up the ‘portrait’ area.  

If you have a long neck, then you will be able to wear both earrings and necklace.

If your hair is long and worn out (not tied back), you won’t notice earrings in the same was as you will notice them if you have short hair (or long hair tied back).

You can still wear earrings with necklace, but consider the size of each, big earrings, small necklace and vice-versa.

If your personality is dramatic or creative, you can get away with wearing more jewellery at the same time, if you are more classic or relaxed, err on the side of caution.  


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