How to Make Your Feet Look Longer


Hi Imogen,
I have quite small feet for my height and substantial (figure8?) build, therefore my feet always appear disproportionately tiny, and like I might topple over like a weeble. Can you give any tips for this dilemma (I’m not a huge fan of high heels, though mid-height are fine, I like comfyish shoes and I think ‘flatforms’ could help). One of my best shoe choices was a 1″ gladiator, with criss-cross straps, plaited leather, gold beads, etc on them, ie lots of adornment – but that’s not always easy to find…. hmm…
I’ve tried looking online for solutions, but most of the information seems to be centred on how to make feet look smaller, which is one body/style issue I really don’t have to add onto my list ūüôā

My Top Tips to Making Your Feet Look Larger (or more balanced to your height)

How to Make your feet look longer

1. Pointed or elongated toe box

2. Flats rather than heels

3. Straps and detail

3. Wedges or Flatforms


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