How to Wear Mid-Calf Boots


This season I have noted a lot of mid-calf dress-boot styles. Generally I would say no to the boots because they chop the leg up and mess with proportions. However, I am tempted…so cute… can you show some flattering ways to wear this type of boot, besides the under pant and with same color legging?


How to Wear Mid Calf Boots

You’re right – mid-calf boots are shortening.  Here are a few tips to help pull them off:

  • The key to wearing ankle and mid-calf boots is to make sure your skirts and dresses or shorts are shorter and sit above the knee.
  • A heel is also a valuable asset in adding back some length to your legs.
  • Tone them to your tights to make the shortening horizontal less obvious.
  • If you have very slim calves they are also much easier to wear.  They should be avoided by those with full calves as they add horizontals to an already wider area.


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  • If it’s helpful to anyone, I have pretty short, thicker legs, and I find that mid-calf boots with a heel look great as long as they have that sort of V shape to the top. Think the cut of a cowboy boot. It’s very flattering for my legs and I often prefer these to knee high boots with a straight horizontal top! 🙂

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